Food For Thought

The longer you’ve been with your significant other, the more challenging it becomes to find a creative way to tell that special someone that you love them. Add COVID and all the social distancing coming along with it, and you have a situation only Cupid himself could conquer. If he were to give advice for how to woo your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day during a pandemic, it might include some of the following ideas:

1. Write a love letter to each other

In this day of text and PM, handwritten letters tend to mean more. Take the time to write your darling a love letter pointing out all the things you love about them.

2. Provide a private massage for your partner

With all the stress and uncertainty that we’ve been dealing with for almost year now, who wouldn’t love a get a good back rub from the one they love? Massage tables can be rented or bought at reasonable prices online.

3. Send the love of your life on a scavenger hunt

Write clues leading him/her to the first gift, then to the next and so on, until they reach the final token of your love for them.

4. Enjoy a wine and chocolate tasting

An online pairing guide will give you the information you need to buy some wines and special chocolates to have your own private event.

5. Go on a virtual tour 

Without having to leave your comfy couch, almost any tourist destination now offers virtual tours. Take your beloved anywhere they want to go this year and never even get out of your pajamas.

6. Play a game to know your sweetie better

Games like “Never Have I Ever,” or “Would You Rather” are a great way to learn interesting facts about 

your Valentine’s date. You can make up the questions yourself, cards games are available, or you can find a list online.

7. Slow dance to your favorite song

A lot of men (and women) don’t like to dance in a crowd. Get dressed up and turn your living room into a romantic dance floor. Of course, you’ll want all the best love songs on your playlist . . . and after that, have fun flirting in the kitchen.

8. Prepare your favorite meal together

You might discuss this with your significant other ahead of time so you will be sure to have all the ingredients you need. Below is one of my favorite “I love you” meals to celebrate Valentine’s Day.