Life Insurance: A Simple Act of Love

A few nights ago my daughter was in tears sitting next to me on the couch, crumbling under the weight of an awful situation that had split her heart open into shattered, painful pieces. I told her how I felt her pain and I really meant it. More than she will ever know, I felt her pain. 

“I know, Mom,“ She whispered through her tears. 

But she does not know. She won’t truly know until she has children of her own. She couldn’t possibly understand the depths of emotions that come from millions of moments filling days upon days of raising a child. She doesn’t see the expanse of the years spent watching the baby you held in your arms begin to walk and talk and grow into this person they have become.

From the moment we become parents, we begin building new grooves in our hearts that deepen with time. The parenting journey is long, worrisome and wonderful. The intensity of my need to protect my children goes far beyond anything I have ever experienced. The thought of my passing away before they become independent adults makes my stomach ache. They need me. They need my income. This profound protective passion is what drives me to do what I do in my agency every day. 

People want to protect their loved ones and one of the best ways to do that financially is life insurance. I remember when I first updated my life insurance after my family grew. As soon as that policy issued, it was like a massive relief fell over every cell in my body—like 100 pounds had lifted off my shoulders.

I “geek out” on the topic of life insurance. I have been protecting lives for over 20 years. One memory involves one of the nicest people I have ever met. A few (many) years ago, I sold a gentleman a $1,000,000 10-Year Term policy to protect his ever-growing family. Over the years, we developed a friendship. Anytime he would call about billing or changing vehicles, he would always say hello to me. I would always wish him a Happy Birthday. He was such a cool guy.

In the ninth year of his policy, I got a phone call I would never forget. He called to tell me that he had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was dying. The doctor had given him 12 months to live. Whoa. 

I called him back about a month later and he sounded worse than he had before. The experimental treatments were having a negative effect on him. I asked him if he needed money. I told him about a terminal illness rider that would allow him to get $250,000 as long as he provided me with a letter from his doctor indicating he was terminal. He was not aware of this feature of the policy. He provided what we needed and nine days later he had a check for $250,000. A few months later, I received a call from his son that he had passed away. 

Three weeks after that, I got a call from his wife. She described how much this policy meant to her and her family and how she wasn’t sure what their life would have been like if he hadn’t taken out the policy. As hard as this story hurts me to relive, it validates the importance of what I do. 

Do this for me: Take a moment to appreciate all of the little things we do and those everyday moments that shape our lives and give them meaning. Our days are often filled with simple acts of love, one followed by another, that over time create a better tomorrow. Life insurance is like that. 

It’s a simple act you can take today to ensure your loved ones are protected financially tomorrow. It is time for you to protect those moments with life insurance. This can seem like an overwhelming endeavor if you do not take the time to determine your needs. This part is crucial. Shopping around can be another gift of love to ensure you are getting top-notch benefits for a fair price. 

So, this Valentine’s Day, consider giving your family a true gift of love by ensuring they will be kept financially safe in case something happens to you unexpectedly. (Flowers never hurt, either.) ν