Best Year Yet

Ready or not, 2023 is here! That means we’re all trying to get started on our fitness goals. But what if you never hit your goals from last year? What could you do differently this year to hold yourself accountable and see real results?

My challenge to you is, try a group fitness class! Here are a few reasons why:

You’re More Likely to Keep Yourself Accountable

When you pay for something, 9 times out of 10, you’ll take it more seriously than something you get for free.

So, you’re more likely to show up to the group exercise class you paid for than to the run around the block that you’ve been putting off all week.

When you pay for a group class, you’ll show up. Plus, most gyms don’t offer refunds or make-ups for classes for which you’ve already registered, so if you skip a class, you’re out that money.

If you’re struggling with the idea of paying for group fitness classes, think of it like this: you’re not throwing away your money. You’re making an investment in yourself. So, if you want to see a return on your investment, you have to show up and put in the work. That’s when you lose weight, get stronger, and build confidence.

You Can Try Several Classes to Find Your Favorite

Why do so many people with gym memberships quit going after the first month?

For some, the reason might be that life gets busy, and they can’t keep up a consistent exercise routine.

However, I believe that for most people, it’s because they are doing workouts that they don’t enjoy. They go to the gym, lift some weights, hop on the treadmill, and leave without ever interacting with anyone else. They may keep this up for a while, but eventually, they get bored and struggle to find motivation.

Group exercise classes give you the opportunity to try a variety of different exercises taught by different instructors. Maybe you tried a HIIT class, and that wasn’t your jam. If that’s the case, sign up for a spin class next time. Keep trying different classes until you find one that you love and look forward to doing every day.

When you love your workout, you’ll keep it up. The moment you achieve this consistency is when you begin to see results and reap all of the health benefits of regular exercise.

You’ll Make New Friends Who Are on a Similar Fitness Journey

Being around people is more important than ever. You may think that you’re still connected to others through your Facebook and Instagram, but the truth is, you need face-to-face interaction with other people!

When you take group fitness classes, you’ll have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who, like you, have fitness goals they are trying to achieve. These people will also be your built-in accountability partners. If you lie down on the floor during your at-home workout, for example, there’s nobody there to tell you to get up and keep going.

In a group setting, you’ll have others next to you who are also tired and out of breath and will be there to motivate you even when you want to quit. And as you continue to work out together, they’ll ask you about your progress, celebrate wins with you, and check on you if you don’t show up to class.

Your Mental Health Will Improve

If you’ve read my other blogs or worked with me before, you know that I always harp on the fact that working out offers more than just physical benefits. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, boosting your mood, self-esteem, and self-efficacy, and improving your mental health. So, you’ll find yourself with more energy and confidence, less stress and anxiety, an overall positive mood, and a better thought life.

Another thing that’s good for your mental health is having a social life! If you’re struggling to make friends or find community, joining a group fitness class is a great way to get out of the house and meet other people in a safe environment.

You Get a Certified Instructor

If you work out at home alone or solo at the gym, you may be working out the wrong way, putting yourself at a higher risk of injury.

Not to mention, there is no one there to push you and tell you to keep going even when you really want to quit. All you have to do is pause the video or leave the gym to end your workout.

Even if you opt for a personal trainer, chances are that you will only see them for a handful of sessions, while the rest of the time you have to hold yourself accountable to stick to your workout routine.

The great thing about group fitness programs is that, on top of the accountability from your instructor and the other participants, you get an expert teacher who is certified in the specific type of class they teach. This person will teach you the proper form and motivate you to keep giving it your all throughout the entire class.

There are so many benefits to group exercise, I could go on and on. I hope you’ll consider making 2023 your best fitness year yet!