Benton Parks & Rec – Dog Park

Benton, Arkansas. Dubbed a little “Hallmark Town” by residents and visitors alike. From its quaint little downtown square, its “small town” feel, and its citizens’ love and support for one another, Benton has everything needed for an excellent quality of life: churches, schools, restaurants, recreation, parks, and yes…even a place for our pups!

Riverside Dog Park, open since 2014 by the City of Benton Parks and Recreation, adjacent to beautiful Sunset Lake and Riverside Trails, is absolute perfection for dog lovers! Studies have shown that dog parks are a valuable form of pet health. They offer valuable social time between pet owners and their furry friends, as well as interaction with other dogs that aids in forming an amazing “pet community.”

Dog parks provide mental stimulation for dogs that can help train and test their focus. It can adapt them to good pet behaviors and even reverse the not-so-enjoyable ones like barking, chewing, and escaping. Dog parks are the perfect place to have fun with your puppers while teaching them boundaries and just overall good “dog manners!”

Stephanie Jones, Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Benton, says, “the continuous pursuit of quality of life” for our city is what led to the opening of such a valued space. “The Dog Park not only provides physical activity for the pet and the owner but also provides a social aspect. We see many friends gathering at the Dog Park to let their furry friends play while they catch up on life, discuss community events, et cetera. It also provides the dog with ample off-leash exercise. Also, if you are living in a home without a yard, this is a great place to get your pup exercise.”

Numerous residents use Riverside Dog Park daily. It is truly a resource for everyone that happens to be a free amenity adding to pet health, and community togetherness. The park also is a favorite stop for travelers. Being near to the major thoroughfare that is Interstate 30, it is an ideal place to stop, stretch your legs, relax, and let the dogs run and play! The park is also a desirable destination to our nearby communities for its relaxing atmosphere.

Ample seating, various shade structures, and the absolutely stunning water fountain are just a few of the things that set Riverside Dog Park apart from others. The park also offers an agility course, public restrooms, and has designated areas for small dogs and larger breeds. This park is the best of both worlds in providing an amazing outdoor experience for man and man’s best friend. In a world where we all strive to “get our steps in,” Riverside Dog Park with its trails around the lake is the perfect spot!

The park offers play equipment for your animals, providing a fun way for them to exercise, and a wonderful family spot to spend the afternoon. According to Jones, “The Parks Department hosts an event called ‘Yappy Hour’ annually. This event is a great time to recreate and socialize with other dogs and their owners.” Be sure to watch for details of this event! Your pup would not want to miss this!

Benton Mayor Tom Farmer says, “Benton is very fortunate to have two dog parks that are not only used by our citizens but also by people traveling through our great city. I have been at the dog park with Bruno—our puppy—and had a chance to visit with people from other cities who were just passing through. These dog parks actually draw people into our city, which is great for our local businesses.” Mayor Farmer went on to say, “The dog park allows for dogs to get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors while the owners get a chance to get to know one another. It is a great park maintained on a daily basis by our parks department.”

Jones explained her love for this community. “I love living and working for the city of Benton. There are so many things Benton has to offer; schools, restaurants, recreation, parks, and more. Benton provides that small town feel with a very supportive community. The Dog Park can be a resource for everyone! It is a free amenity that can create healthier pets and people, to improve the quality of life in Benton and our surrounding communities.”

Riverside Dog Park is open each day from 7:00 a.m. to dusk. Dogs must be licensed and current on all vaccinations to be able to participate and use the park. Receptacles are provided for dog waste, which makes it convenient for dog owners to keep the park clean and enjoyable for everyone. The park has received excellent reviews for its clean, family friendly atmosphere.

So, pet lovers, Riverside Park is just the place for you and your fur babies! A great way to kick off a “doggone good year” is to make the park a destination for you and your pet family in 2023. 

As a member of a huge pet family myself, with five furry friends, I can easily see what a valuable asset Riverside Dog Park is to my hometown. Thank you, City of Benton. You really knocked it out of the (dog) park!