What’s Not to Love?

Santa. Family time. Cookies. Mistletoe. Mariah Carey. Between the cuddle fests on the couch and the sugar cookie hangovers, let this amazing season begin. Ah, the twinkling lights and pretty decorations give me a feeling of warmth and happiness. It’s enough to brighten my gloomiest of moods. Then, my joy is compounded when I think that, within just a few days, someone I love is about to open a gift I purchased for them. I love this season.

In addition to filling my tummy with my secret stash of holiday sweets and my heart with precious family get-togethers, my emotional tank overflows as I look around and see everyone helping everyone else. This season is so much more than presents under the tree and stockings stuffed with treats. In a world where it can be hard to find time for kindness, volunteering our time can help us do good by paying it forward. Doing good not only makes you feel good, but also helps spread kindness to others. 

Helping others is a choice we all have to make. When I first started in business, I felt like it was every man (or woman) for himself (or herself). I felt that, for me to prove I was worthy of the role, I had to do everything alone and I needed to do it better than everyone else. It was the day I started helping people on my team that everything changed. We started to perform better as a team. We eventually led the company in sales! Once we all started helping each other and our relationships also grew stronger, our teams grew stronger and our reach grew larger. 

Fast forward to now. I am happy to report I have been on a twenty-year journey of being helpful. I am living and breathing this purpose every day. Coincidentally, this is the same number of years I have been an insurance agent. As an insurance agent, I get the opportunity to help people every single day with their needs…those they are aware of and those they aren’t.

 All I want for Christmas is for you to take care of family and your businesses. One way to do that is through the purchase of life insurance. Purchasing life insurance is a smart decision to ensure your family’s financial future is protected. 

Some of my clients feel like the group life insurance benefits they elected during their company’s enrollment are sufficient. There are many benefits to having group life insurance coverage: There is minimal to no underwriting, and the potential to add additional coverage for other members of your family. But while these employment benefits can be a very valuable part of your benefit package, they might not be fully covering you. These group policies often use a one-size-fits-all approach. You will typically get the same policy as any other co-worker. This could come at a very high cost to you. What if you were to pass away underinsured? As an agent, I can’t let that happen. 

Allow me to talk to you about personally owning your life insurance. An individual life insurance policy enables you to purchase a policy designed for your needs and budget from a company of your choice. Determining which coverages and company are right for you can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Start by asking someone you know and trust to suggest a local agent. Start interviewing. Once you find the advisor you connect with the most, then the real fun begins. 

As you start to educate yourself on the amount of life insurance protection you and your family require, don’t hesitate to look online at the very useful calculators available now. These calculators will allow you to quickly assess your personal situation. Of course, meeting with your trusted insurance advisor can also help you with this task. As always, it’s best to do a thorough review of your needs before making important decisions like buying life insurance. 

After you know how much life insurance you need, you will sit with your advisor and listen carefully to his or her recommendations. After you give your feedback, the two of you can decide together which direction to go. It really is that simple. Once you own your life insurance, you will have it in place regardless of where you are employed. This is another benefit of individual insurance—you might not be able to keep your group life benefits if you leave your employer. 

Peace on earth and peace of mind are two things we all need desperately right now. It is my wish that you accomplish at least one of those by reviewing your family’s life insurance plan before it is too late to make critical changes. I promise it will be time well spent. 

So, let the memories pile up! Happy Holidays, my friends!! All the best to you in the year to come!