Don’t Halt This Holiday

This time of year is the slowest in the fitness business because all the things start to happen – school is back in session, kids have after-school activities, there are holiday parties to attend, the list goes on. These are all fun and good things to spend your time on!

However, the exercise and healthy food habits often get pushed to the side or even forgotten. Did you know that the average American gains five to seven pounds between Halloween and New Year’s?

There are so many ways to stay on track with your health goals, including simply trying not to gain weight but just to maintain.

  1. Remember to eat portion-sized servings. Using a smaller plate will also help you control the amount of food you consume.
  2. Eat only the foods you LOVE! Don’t waste calories on yeast rolls or a casserole that you can eat anytime. Make room on your plate for that special pie your Aunt makes or the dressing you only get to eat once a year.
  3. Schedule one active event and get your family involved. For example, there is a Turkey Trot 5K at McClure Fitness with 100% of proceeds going to a local charity.
  4. Keep up your water intake. Water keeps your metabolism and digestive systems rolling.
  5. Take a healthy dish to family gatherings and you’ll be able to (somewhat) control the food options.
  6. Stick with your healthy habits during the week. That means eating healthy and at a slight calorie deficit plus getting in your FIVE workouts a week. Splurge at parties and then get right back on track.
  7. Hold on! The above suggestions are all good, but maybe you’re thinking, “Wow, Marietta is being super nice and going easy on us. Maybe she’s losing her touch.” And you’re right. We have one more option. Ya’ll know I am a “no excuses” kind of girl. So here is another (better) option….

I personally like to think of this time as an opportunity to work even harder on my goals. Why? Because everyone else is indulging and slowing down. It’s like the kid getting in extra practice while all the other teammates are taking a break during off-season. See what I did there? The holidays are the off-season for the fitness industry. But you don’t have to quit or even slow down.

Last year at this same time, Jordan, one of my clients, had lost about 50 pounds from May to November but still had more weight to lose. She and I discussed that she had a choice to make.  She could try to maintain her previous weight loss during the holidays and then start “weight loss mode” again in January. Or she could keep up what we had been working so hard on – staying at a slight calorie deficit and getting in at least five high-intensity interval training workouts a week.

Jordan was determined and very motivated to keep chasing her goals. I always tell my clients: If you are motivated, USE IT! Never waste precious motivation; get moving!

At this point, Jordan was motivated AND disciplined in her fitness routine and food habits. So she decided to go for it! And guess what? She LOST weight during November and December. She kept it going in January, and by her one-year “fitness anniversary” she had lost 110 pounds! Her before and after picture says it all.

I hope you enjoy the holidays and get to spend quality time with your precious loved ones. Remember that life is more than fitting into your jeans; it is love, understanding, and positivity. Cheers! ν