Fitness Tips: For The Love Of Fitness

Chances are you more than likely purchased a gym membership for the New Year to go along with your “get fit” resolution that so many of us have. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not shake your resolution up a little bit? Grab your significant other, a few protein shakes and make a date out of going to the gym.

The year always passes so fast and the majority of couples do not spend nearly enough time together, adding unneeded stress on relationships.  Going to the gym together might not be an easy task at first. Once you overcome the uneasiness and intimidation from each other, it’s just one small obstacle you have overcome as a team.

Exercising together helps you both raise each other up emotionally and physically. You will both find yourself looking forward to gym time with each other as time passes. The gym is an escape from everyday struggles like work, kids, and bills. A trip to the gym will give you an opportunity to leave all worries and problems that clutter life at the door. You are able to spend more time focusing on each other.

Maybe you need that little push to get through those last five minutes of cardio. What about that last set of push-ups, or even making your way to the gym? Let’s face it, some days you don’t even want to roll out of bed; especially those Mondays that are so hard for some of us.

Having an exercising partner is just the extra push you might need to be consistent in using that new membership that you purchased. Motivation is a vital key in exercising, and what’s better than to have your significant other right by your side? Supporting and pushing you further than what you would ever imagine.

Making dates at the gym also gives your relationship a sense of accountability.  When someone is held accountable to be a certain place, or perform a task, and they pull through, it starts to build a trust.  Trust and accountability are key factors to a great relationship.

Couples who exercise together not only gain muscles but skills for a healthy, strong relationship. It will also give couples the chance to explore and try new and exciting things. Whether it’s hiking, participating in a marathon or trying out a group fitness class. Whatever the task may be—new or old—it’s exciting to experience everything with your best friend. You may just find yourself falling for each other all over again.

If you and your significant other agree that your combined forces are better left out of the gym, don’t despair. Your workout partner may come in the form of a friend, neighbor, or relative. The power of a partner with similar fitness goals still remains and only drives you to greater success! Get together, set some goals, and strive to achieve them.

Pointers For Exercising Together

  • Set goals to reach as a team.
  • Be consistent in your workouts.
  • Stay within reach of each other when lifting. Be your partner’s spot.
  • Watch to make sure form and techniques are proper.
  • Count aloud for the each other, so they can concentrate on the exercise.
  • Use words of encouragement.
  • Enjoy your time at the gym!