Natural State Namaste

The New Year is an optimal time to refocus attention and energy on health and wellness. With the rush of the holidays over and an emphasis on getting back to routine and resolutions, wellness centers can help individuals achieve new life goals. In the heart of Benton, Natural State Namaste stands as a sanctuary for those seeking fusion of mind and body recovery. 

Founded in March 2019 by Robyn Henderson, this comprehensive wellness center is a haven designed to point individuals toward optimal health and enduring vitality. Natural State’s journey began at a different location but found its home in February 2023 at Saline Performance Wellness Center, which creates a perfect partnership in the pursuit of health and well-being.

“Our team of experienced instructors and coaches is here to help you on your journey to wellness,” Robyn says. Each service offered caters to a whole-body approach so everyone can reach their highest well-being potential. “We identify and address root cause imbalances for those seeking more health-conscious control over their health.”

Robyn is more than the founder of Natural State Namaste. She is the guiding force behind this health and wellness pursuit. As a native of Saline County and graduate of Harmony Grove High School, her roots run deep in the community she now serves. Robyn’s expertise extends beyond yoga, with certifications in Integrative Health from the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute, backed by a decade of experience in social work that paints a portrait of her passion and dedication.

In 2008 Robyn began connecting the dots toward her career destination. That was the year she discovered that yoga not only provided desired health benefits, but the practice also was the saving grace she needed to manage her anxiety and digestive issues. Fast forward 10 years later and in 2018, she graduated from the Balance Yoga & Wellness School of Hot Springs with a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification. That was just the beginning of her commitment to personal growth and a desire to share the transformative power of yoga, health, and wellness.

Natural State Namaste is not just a name; it’s a philosophy capturing the essence of the journey. Robyn’s thoughtful selection of the term “natural state” goes beyond Arkansas’s namesake and geographical reference. It symbolizes embracing authenticity and well-being. “Namaste,” she adds, “is to honor the journey we are all on by extending love and light to those around us.” The name is more than identity. It’s a promise—a promise of a safe space for healing and growth. It’s a place for people to see those New Year’s dreams and goals come into fruition.

As the New Year unfolds, filled with resolutions and aspirations, Natural State Namaste invites all to explore its various classes tailored to every skill level. “Whether they are just starting their health journey, or they are someone who has been working on their longevity path for a long time, each class brings a different focus to overall well-being,” she notes. It is a beacon of possibilities for those embarking on the “connecting to wellness within” journey. 

The practitioners specialize in various aspects of custom body work by offering services such as exercise evaluation, nutrition analysis, massage therapy, organic esthetics, live O2 exercising with oxygen therapy, Emsella & Emsculpt non-invasive body shaping, and holistic health coaching. The integrative health services encompass massages, infrared sauna sessions, yoga classes, and medical labs with consultations, fostering a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Saline Performance and Wellness Center merges seamlessly with Natural State Namaste, fortifying the commitment to holistic well-being. Robyn’s expanded expertise allows her to unfold extensive longevity programs, fostering healthier diets, regular exercise, balanced weight, improved sleep, and reduced inflammation. Dr. Allan Hatch and the team at Saline Heart Group developed Saline Performance & Wellness Center to take cardiac health to the next level. The team shifts the focus to preventing heart health rather than just treating it.

In alignment with the Saline Heart Group’s emphasis on cardiovascular health, the center becomes the ideal hub of comprehensive wellness. 

The center “helps them have a sense of purpose, prevents and reduces stressors, and provides more time to build a longer life span by keeping them engaged with the healthier lifestyle they value and enjoy,” Robyn says. 

Natural State Namaste is not merely a wellness center. It is a testament to the transformative power within everyone. For those seeking a journey beyond the ordinary, a journey that combines physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual vitality, this sanctuary awaits to meet everyone’s unique needs. 

To discover more about the offerings that can shape a path to holistic wellness, call 501-315-4008, select option 5. The Center, located at 1000 Hwy 35 North, Suite 9, in Benton, is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. The yoga and exercise class hours vary and some take place outside of normal business hours. To learn more, visit