Jennifer Lancaster – 16 in 2016

16 in 2016 – Jennifer Lancaster

Attorney, The Lancaster Law Firm
5-Year Saline County Resident

This animal lover first remembers defending another creature when she was in the first grade. A cricket was stuck in the school cafeteria and Jennifer toiled with how to save it. “All of a sudden,” she says, “our principal came over and stepped on it. I was so distraught, I began crying and screamed at the principal for being mean.”

Her early passion would lay the groundwork for the care she’s providing for dogs in need through the Lancaster Animal Project. She has nursed a dog with a bullet wound and one that had to chew its own leg off to free itself from a trap. Founded by Jennifer and her husband Clint, the initiative helps dogs through rescue, vetting and legislation – standing up for those without a voice.

Jennifer has always been drawn to animals that need special care. “Anytime there was an animal at the pet store that appeared sick, I would beg my parents to buy it so we could nurse it back to health,” she says. “The same was true with stray animals. If a sick or injured animal crossed our path, my family took it to the vet and got it healthy before finding it a forever home.”

At their law firm, Jennifer and Clint have handled several cases regarding animals. “By 2014, we had developed a following and wanted to use it to save dogs outside of the courtroom too,” she says. “The purpose of our nonprofit is to promote animal welfare through education and legislation. We assist members of the community with spaying and neutering their animals in addition to rescuing dogs that have been the victims of some of the worst animal abuse and neglect.”

Inspired by her faith, Jennifer is invested in the well-being of all animals. “The Bible is ripe with examples of where Christ shows a deep love and concern for animals,” she says. “Christians started the animal welfare movement in the 1800s. I take the responsibility of caretaker over God’s animals very seriously.”

Jennifer also has a heart for people in need. She recently completed a mission trip to Honduras with Geyer Springs Baptist Church to provide needed medical supplies and care. “Just as I love caring for animals, I love helping people,” she says.

Her caring nature carries over into her profession. As a bankruptcy attorney, Jennifer realizes filing bankruptcy is never a happy event. “I love working with my clients to restructure their debts so they can pay on them without feeling burdened, or completely wipe out their debts and give them a fresh start that they need and deserve.”