Mayor Jill Dabbs

After eight years of growth and change, more work needs doing in Bryant, and that is why Mayor Jill Dabbs is vying for a third term. The mother of two and “passionate” citizen is ready to roll up her sleeves and keep the momentum flowing.

“The City of Bryant is now one of the most well-organized, efficient and productive local government teams in the country,” Dabbs says. “We have created a culture to continually eliminate waste and improve our business model day in and day out. After putting our own house in order the first four years, the second four years were filled with positive growth.”

Evidence of positive change includes voters’ approving by 72 percent the re-issuance of bonds to build two new fire stations, Bryant Parkway, and major improvements to the parks system. “All of these projects are underway. Many are complete or almost complete, and it has been so rewarding to see the successes of our community over the past few years.”

Dabbs says she can’t imagine doing anything else except continuing to serve as mayor to the citizens of Bryant. “Together we will continue to ‘Build the Best Bryant.’”

Dabbs moved to Bryant 18 years ago and spent her time growing her business and demonstrating a positive example to her two daughters. “Bryant is my type of town – positive, growing and full of energy,” she says. “This community faces challenges directly, embraces lively debate and is an example for communities across the state.”

After Dabbs served as the spokesperson for People for Parks in the mid-2000s, her peers considered her a leader for things that lay before the growing city. “I am a passionate leader who works tirelessly to make our city better,” she says. “I take challenges head on and work to bring opposing parties together.

“Participating in Bryant’s positive growth and seeing how that has helped Saline County grow and become a model for Arkansas communities has been a life-shaping experience and one I would not trade for anything. I look forward to making more history with this wonderful community.” νJillian Jacuzzi