Making Memories with Mom

When I was a kid, I always enjoyed spending time with my mother in the kitchen. We would plan our meal for the evening, and I would sit on the kitchen floor and listen to her explain the cooking process. It was during these moments that I found my love and passion for cooking. However, these moments weren’t just about the food preparations, but about creating fond memories with my mother. We recreated family recipes, passed down through generations, and even created some of our own. I continue to use these recipes, for both the food itself as well as the value they hold in my heart. 

Living in Saline County means living in a close-knit community, and being the owner of a catering company gives me the ability to share my passion for cooking while also forming great relationships with my customers. From weddings to family functions to birthday parties, I can provide the opportunity for customers to make their own memories with the ones they love, just as I have. 

Catering various events has allowed me to witness the bond between a mother and daughter on her wedding day, or the joy of a family get-together occurring for the first time in years. I am able to alleviate some of the stress from these events, so these people can focus more on one another and the memories they are making instead of stressing over what they’re going to be eating that night. 

Along with alleviating stress, the act of cooking (and eating) provides time away from phone screens and other distractions constantly surrounding us. It’s easy to feel disconnected, even in your own home, due to the limited experiences you can have with others. But within our community, there are numerous small businesses you and your family may support while also gaining new shared experiences. From picnicking with your family outside of Magic Springs, to playing putt-putt golf and eating arcade food, to sampling food trucks in Downtown Benton, to axe-throwing and pizza, the atmosphere of the food industry provides a sense of familiarity and comfort—along with a dash of fun—even when you’re not in your own kitchen.

When unable to venture outside of their homes, whether because of COVID or financial issues, mothers everywhere have come up with ways to continue bonding with their children. As I mentioned before, that experience, for me, was cooking: it allowed my mother and me to keep up our relationship and learn new things together. If you’re unable to make it out of your house for Mother’s Day this year, consider doing a fun, at-home activity, like board games, a movie marathon, DIY projects, or even starting a cooking project you haven’t done before. 

As I recall my own past and observe the relationships of my customers, I have come to realize just how important it is to spend time with family, especially Mom, who always does everything in her power to ensure her children are well taken care of and loved. Whether she’s passing down a family recipe that was once given to her, providing guidance and support, or simply displaying her love, each mother deserves the same care and appreciation she bestows upon her loved ones. 

This Mother’s Day, spend some time with your mother and family, and consider trying something new. Try to entertain those who have always entertained you. Whether you’re going out or staying in, have fun with your mother and thank her for all she has done for you.