A Prescription for Success

“A new you in 2022!” This seems to be the war cry of all the marketing teams for fitness companies around the world. But it is not just the fitness world that uses mottos like this one. One can find this kind of language coming from many different companies. This is nothing new. It seems like we invent new ways of saying the same thing every year. It has almost become a joke to some extent, as we have made mockery of New Year’s resolutions year after year.

Whether you are a “resolutions” person or not is not what this article is about. A person can be resolute, or determined, to change the way they eat for the better. You and I can be resolute to get in shape this year. However, resolutions often fail and falter because they are not a prescription for success. I believe the Bible gives us the prescription for success in life. 

1 Chronicles 28 & 29 recount the history of Israel as they were transitioning from the rule of King David to that of his son, Solomon. King David had purposed and planned in his heart to build a temple for God. However, God’s plan looked different. God had chosen Solomon to build the temple instead. So, King David issued a charge to his son Solomon going forward into the new era.

“So now, with God as our witness, and in the sight of all Israel—the Lord’s assembly—I give you this charge. Be careful to obey all the commands of the Lord your God, so that you may continue to possess this good land and leave it to your children as a permanent inheritance.

“And Solomon, my son, learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately. Worship and serve him with your whole heart and a willing mind. For the Lord sees every heart and knows every plan and thought. If you seek him, you will find him. But if you forsake him, he will reject you forever. So take this seriously. The Lord has chosen you to build a Temple as his sanctuary. Be strong, and do the work.” 1 Chronicles 28:8-10.

“Be strong, and do the work.” Wow! If I had a prescription for 2022 and every day of every year afterward, it would be this statement! This is the attitude, the mindset, that will make a person successful in any facet of life. When we adopt this attitude, it really doesn’t matter what life throws at us—we continue forward. We don’t make excuses. We don’t look for the easy way out. We don’t become entitled or prideful. We simply stay strong and do the work! 

However, there is a key to this whole idea. It is incredibly important to understand. This kind of mindset can only be sustained and successful in a personal relationship with God. In this very same passage we see three important steps to building a “Be strong, and do the work” life.

First, we must know God intimately. This is not a weekly attendance checkmark at your local church. God, the Father, wants to know you intimately. Second, we live a life of worship and service with our whole heart and a willing mind. Worship and service are not just something you and I do when the schedule allows or we “feel like it.” It is the catalyst for each day. We make a decision each day with our mind and not our emotions to worship and serve our God. Third, we take this relationship seriously. We must view our relationship with God as the most important relationship in our lives. Out of this relationship flow the peace, joy, confidence, and fulfillment we all desire.

So, with that understanding, may you and I follow the prescribed success plan laid out for us in the Word of God in this new year of 2022. May you and I experience the abundant life we have access to through Jesus Christ. No matter what we face, let us “be strong and do the work.” God has purposed for us each day and every year of our lives!