McClure Fitness

These days, everyone is on the go. Between work, school, family and community obligations there are plenty of excuses that make it easy for all of us to set aside self-care. But Marietta McClure, owner and operator of McClure Fitness, has curated her studio to meet the needs of newcomers and seasoned clients alike with a mission focusing on their health. 

Marietta has always enjoyed group fitness classes. As a young professional working for a United States Senator, she would gladly find time to fit in a workout into her busy schedule. During a federal holiday and off from work, she took a fitness class in the middle of the morning and made the comment to her husband Kent about how much she enjoyed working out at that time of day. Jokingly, Kent said, “If you can find a way to make a living doing that, you should go for it.” 

That was all the motivation Marietta needed. Fast forward a year later, and Marietta was a certified instructor. She would travel the state while working for the US Senator, all while teaching a class in the morning and in the evening at her local community center when she returned home. “Every dollar I made, I put into a savings account,” said Marietta. 

Within just a few months, not only was Marietta putting her earnings back in savings, but establishing a robust clientele. Her first class was a bootcamp, which quickly grew from five to 100 people over the next three years. “I joke if I can get you in the room with me, I’ve got you,” said Marietta. 

With her savings and a clientele in place, Marietta and Kent began to scour Saline County for the perfect place to establish their business. “It was the only location I could find that had air conditioning,” Marietta laughs. She quit her job and one month before her twin daughters were born, she and Kent opened McClure Fitness. 

“My husband is super supportive. There were lots of early mornings and late nights and Kent and I missed each other a lot that year,” said Marietta. “Kent is behind the scenes and super involved in the decision making. I think people underestimate what types of decisions need to be made. There is a whole other level of the business that people never see or understand.” 

Six years later, Marietta and Kent have two locations, and will complete their second expansion by the end of 2019. With the completion of this third location, McClure Fitness will expand to 11,000 square feet and will house a gym and five studio spaces all under one roof. “I like to do a lot of different types of workouts; it’s how I modeled the business, and we are still going six years later.”

Kent and Marietta now have four children and her girls especially love attending Marietta’s bootcamp. Whether it’s pushups or burpees, Marietta’s twins are up for the fitness challenge. Marietta hopes that working out with her girls at a young age will inspire them to continue to work out with her well into their adulthood.  

McClure Fitness offers a myriad of classes designed for seasoned athletes and beginners alike, and they offer free childcare. Although finding that motivation can be difficult at first, Marietta encourages everyone to approach fitness with an open mind. “I want people to know that a fitness class can be intimidating—I don’t take that for granted at all,” said Marietta. “We all have those same thoughts and anxiety about taking that first class. There are many people who are there for their quality of life. They are there to keep up with their kids or play with their grandkids.” 

Even if the thought of crossing the threshold of the gym makes you anxious, you can still find ways to move your body. Each class at McClure Fitness is streamed online. “We have quite a few people who will complete the online workouts for 4 to 8 weeks and they are building up confidence/endurance before walking into class,” says Marietta. “They feel they know the trainer after weeks of doing her classes online. It’s affected us in ways I didn’t realize.”

McClure Fitness classes are always shifting and changing with what clients want. “There are so many different class options offered at McClure,” said Marietta. “I’ve worked hard to find a specialized teacher in each of those classes. The future of fitness is in boutique studios. I have five studios under one roof. You don’t have to pay a premium, you pay one price, and you won’t be bored because you have different options. I’ve worked so hard over the last several years to craft what’s offered at McClure Fitness. We love our clientele.”