Hounds Lounge

Hounds Lounge was a dream come true for business owners Mandy Marshall and Justin Harris. “We realized that Central Arkansas was missing a luxury pet care facility where the health and safety of dogs came first,” Marshall said. “We wanted pet parents to have peace of mind leaving behind their fur babies in a place where dogs could have the best day of their lives each and every visit.”  

And so the very first Hounds Lounge opened its doors in Little Rock, July 2016, named after Marshall and Harris’s late Doberman Pinchers, Hemingway and London. Since then, four more luxury spa locations have opened in North Little Rock, Fayetteville, West Little Rock, and most recently in Bryant. All the resort locations are owned and operated by Marshall and Harris who are very hands-on with the business, although Marshall says they are very grateful to have three managers and a doggo-loving staff at each location, “to ensure all Hounds Lounge standards are met daily for each of our two- and four-legged clients,” she said.

Hounds Lounge Riverdale opened in 2016, although the journey actually began in 2013, according to Marshall. While on a trip to Fayetteville to watch the Hogs play, the duo found themselves in a bind.  “Our two giant Doberman-children, Hemingway and London, needed to be looked after but our trusted house sitter was out of town and our parents simply couldn’t hand two large high-energy dogs amongst their own,” Marshall said.  “We were stressing trying to find a dog facility that met all our wishes.  Everything wants what’s best for their family and loved ones, and for us that includes our fur children.”

Marshall said they wanted a place that provided open space, a cozy private spot to sleep, and around-the-clock care and supervision, and they weren’t comfortable with the idea that Hemingway and London would be unsupervised through the night.  “Why bring your dogs somewhere where they would be left alone?”  Marshall said.  So, they spent over two years searching and finally found the spot where their solution could take root.  The Lounge at Riverdale is a cage free, indoor/outdoor off-leash facility with private, luxury suites and around-the-clock care. 

They soon found that one location just wasn’t enough, so after pleas from pet parents in other communities, they took the Hounds Lounge culture to Harris’s hometown of North Little Rock in March 2018. And why stop there? Marshall’s family lived in Fayetteville and the couple also spent a lot of time there rooting for the Hogs, so in November of 2018, the community of Fayetteville welcomed yet another Hounds Lounge.

The fourth location opened its doors on August 10, 2019, off South Bowman Road in West Little Rock, and most recently on December 10, 2022, Bryant became the site of the fifth Hounds Lounge.

“We searched Saline County for the perfect property for almost two years before approaching the owners of Salty Dawg in Bryant to ask if they would like to sell their building,” Marshall said.  “The building needed a completed overhaul to get the facility up to Hounds Lounge standards but we are so thrilled to finally be open!”

Patrons at any location will be amazed when they walk inside, as the Hounds Lounge facilities really do resemble a luxury spa for humans. “We didn’t want traditional wire kennels or concrete walls,” Marshall said. “Instead we wanted dogs to have private hotel suites, a place where they could sleep, relax, and eat in their own private space after a long day of play with new fur-friends in our climate-controlled indoor/outdoor play yards.” At night, calming music plays to help all the overnight guests sleep peacefully. In fact, Marshall says it’s not uncommon for a dog to love Hounds Lounge so much that they refuse to leave! They even have some weekly customers that have to be carried out to the car.

All the outdoor yards are complete with jungle gyms, climbers, and dog AstroTurf, designed to keep dogs from going home covered in mud. It also helps those who have grass allergies. And the doggie spas were built to represent the bathtub at home but elevated, for a pleasurable human and dog experience. Hounds Lounge offers all sorts of spa options from DIY dog wash to full-service professional dog grooming including cuts, blow outs and nail trims. 

Their DIY dog wash stations are open seven days a week and the Lounge provides everything you need to go home with a squeaky-clean woof—all you need is your dirty dog! Their grooming salon is open Monday-Saturday and by appointment only for full spa services, whereas nail trims and other a la carte items are welcome for walk-ins. All grooming appointments come with a complimentary day of doggie daycare so pet parents can do their human things.

“It’s always been our goal to provide a human and dog experience that is unmatched,” Marshall said. “We want them to know that when they must leave their dog behind, they are going to get the same level of care and attention they would at home, and they will have a doggone great time!”

The Lounge has its doggie doors open seven days a week, and again, the first day of doggie daycare is FREE! Overnight boarding stays come all-inclusive with doggie daycare. Reservations for boarding and grooming are required. Marshall says, “Feel free to drop by the facility for a tour, because we have nothing to hide and we look forward to you and your dog experiencing the #HoundsLoungeHangover!”