Stonebrook Meadows

In the enchanting world of weddings, Tiffany Skaggs and The Venue at Stonebrook Meadows stand as the architects of enduring love stories. From a childhood dream to the realization of a wedding haven, Tiffany’s journey exemplifies the beauty of unwavering determination. The sprawling acres and rustic charm of Stonebrook offer the perfect canvas for couples to paint their love stories. 

Through the trials of the pandemic and ever-evolving wedding trends, Tiffany’s commitment to her clients’ happiness and her community’s celebrations remains steadfast. With a heart full of passion, she continues to make dreams a reality at Stonebrook, proving that in the tapestry of life, it’s the love that truly matters.

Many girls dream of their wedding day. The flowers, the veil, the dress, the cake. There are so many details to consider. While other girls were daydreaming of their special day, young Tiffany Skaggs was dreaming of being a wedding planner. She made her dream come true after she got married herself.

“My husband and I worked very hard to make that dream a reality and chose to build a wedding venue instead of a house to get started,” Tiffany says.

The Skaggs opened the Venue at Stonebrook Meadows in Bauxite in the fall of 2018. They have been providing a space for others to make some of their most monumental memories ever since, through Covid and all. “Seeing families and friends enjoying their time and making memories in the venue we created is so special to me,” Tiffany shares. “My family also keeps me motivated as I love to show my kids that you can work hard and go after your dreams.” 

Stonebrook’s rustic barn sits on 41 secluded acres of rolling hills and pastureland. The venue boasts an unmatched landscape and provides the ideal location for all wedding types, from intimate to large gatherings. The barn can accommodate up to 250 guests with a bridal suite, groom’s quarters, built-in bar and a spacious veranda for outdoor entertaining. 

Post-pandemic, Tiffany says Stonebrook has been busier than ever. “We have also tried to update and improve every year since opening, so I believe that probably plays a role in having more bookings too.”

The wedding basics remain, but just like any business, there are trends to keep things fresh and fun. Tiffany says she loves the current trend of having food trucks at the reception. “We have a beautiful patio with a large fireplace and string lights overhead that is the perfect place to do something like that.”

She adds they are also enjoying the trend of offering a late-night snack for guests in lieu of wedding favors. “We love helping to make our brides’ and grooms’ dreams come true. We always try to be as accommodating and helpful as possible so they can have their best day ever.”

Tiffany makes it her mission to be as helpful and flexible as possible for Stonebrook clients. “We genuinely care about our couples, and work hard to help make each of their dreams come true so they can have their best day ever. We also include a lot of extras at a reasonable price which allows many couples and their families to be able to have the Pinterest-worthy weddings they dream of; at a cost they can afford.” 

Something unique Stonebrook offers is the Something Borrowed Barn. It is full of on-trend decorations in various styles that any of their couples can use. “Our couples and their families love this as it saves them a lot of money and they don’t have to buy a whole bunch of decorations for just one day,” Tiffany says.

If you’re interested in a place like Stonebrook for your wedding, Tiffany advises not to procrastinate. Venues usually book one to two years in advance. “Most people need to book their venue quickly after getting engaged. Saturdays and prime months usually book first, so if a couple is more flexible with their date, they may have more time before they need to book their venue.” 

Stonebrook is an ideal venue for more than just weddings. While weddings are the venue’s specialty, they host a handful of other types of events each year like holiday parties, anniversary parties, and prom celebrations.

Aaron and Tiffany, who are both Saline County natives, got married in 2012 and now have four kids ranging in ages 8 to 3.  She uses her personal experience to help Stonebrook couples create their special day. “I know how to plan a wedding with any budget and always like to remind my couples that all those little details, even though they are beautiful, don’t really matter. All that matters is that you are getting married to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Soak in all the good, special moments of the day, and don’t sweat the small stuff.”

As Tiffany Skaggs imparts her wisdom gleaned from her own wedding day, she reminds us that amidst the grandeur and splendor of weddings, it’s the genuine moments and the bonds formed that define the true beauty of the occasion. As couples embark on their journey to forever, they can trust Tiffany and Stonebrook to craft not just a wedding but an unforgettable beginning to a lifetime of love and cherished memories.