K-9 Splash & Dash

Our canine counterparts have played an important role in history and continue to enhance our lives in many ways. From fighting wars or carrying medicine to combat a diphtheria epidemic in Alaska (Google Balto—it’s an amazing story), to alerting humans of an impending seizure, dogs are truly a remarkable member of our collective mammal family. K9 Splash & Dash owner, Kim Jenkins, embraces this reality. “Each dog, like people, is unique with its own personality. Our motto, ‘large or small we love ’em all,’ sums us up.”

Kim grew up in Little Rock, and after twenty-one years in Dallas where she met her future husband, Mike, the couple returned to Little Rock. The two bonded over their love of dogs and decided to make it the family business in March of 2007. “K9 Splash & Dash originally opened as a self-serve dog wash, but we quickly realized the need to expand our services. Customers were looking for grooming and boarding so our expansion began. After a year and a half, we moved to a larger facility to be able to offer grooming, boarding, daycare, bathing, and training classes,” says Kim. 

All the services that your fur babies need, aside from vet services, are offered in one location. K9 Splash & Dash clients trust Kim and her staff because the staff’s love for dogs is apparent in everything they do. “All of our services are designed to meet the special needs of each client.” Kim recommends starting puppies at early ages for bathing and grooming to make it an enjoyable experience for both dog and owners. K9 Splash & Dash also lovingly cares for the unique needs of older dogs and helps pooches socialize and make new friends at their new dog daycare.

With all of the specialty treatments offered at K9 Splash & Dash, one could think of it as a doggy spa! For example, specialty shampoos are available for dogs who have skin issues or need a flea and tick shampoo. “One of our most popular services is a de-shedding treatment. This is an organic product that removes loose hair from the undercoat and greatly minimizes the amount of hair your dog sheds in the house. Dogs such as huskies, shepherds, and labs can benefit greatly from this. Even shorthaired dogs such as pugs see a huge decrease in hair shedding in the house. This makes moms and dogs happier!”

One of the greatest joys of Kim’s business is her clients. “We have established so many wonderful relationships with our dogs’ owners. Every dog is the member of a family that loves and adores them. One of the most rewarding parts of the day is watching owners pick up their dogs after a bath or groom or after a longer stay of boarding. The dog and owner are so glad to see each other. We have a few dogs that actually “smile” when they see their owners arrive!” Even staff members’ four-legged friends spend the day with their owners at work and are treated like special members of the family, enjoying playing with their friends at daycare. “The best compliment we can get is when an owner says their dog is excited when they pull into our parking lot. They know where they are and are happy to be here. We were honored this year by our clients’ having voted us ‘Best Groomer’ in Saline County,” says Kim.

And K9 Splash & Dash gives back to the community in an exceptional way. “Throughout our years in business, we’ve been very fortunate to have met many amazing people making a difference in the lives of dogs in our community. Many work behind the scenes to rescue homeless dogs and find ‘forever’ homes for them. K-9 Splash & Dash assists them in any way we can. Working through these groups, we’ve been able to provide free boarding, grooming, and fostering for dogs waiting to find their new families. We once kept a litter of nine puppies that had been abandoned in the county until they were ready to be adopted. After they each arrived at their new home, the rescue group sent us a picture of each puppy with their new family. It was so rewarding to see!”

 A recent post on Facebook read, “I am not a toy. I am not a gift. I am part of your family and a 15-year commitment.” When asked what things a family should consider before adding a dog to their family, Kim gave the following advice. “It’s important when you’re choosing a dog for you or your family that you research the breeds to find one that is compatible with your lifestyle. If your family is active, choose a breed that will enjoy your outdoor activities with you. Or if you have a more sedate lifestyle, choose a breed that wants to sit in your lap and watch movies with you.  Each breed has something to offer the right family so choose carefully so you and dog are a good match.” But in the end, like all of us, most thrive simply on the love and care they receive. 

K9 Splash & Dash, open 7 days a week, is located at 5313 Highway 5 North, Suite #350 in Bryant. For more information call 501-847-7336 or visit K9 Splash & Dash on Facebook.