iRealty Arkansas

You ever notice how everything these days has gone digital? Streaming video…digital photographs…even online dating. It seems like everything can be done from either your laptop or from a smart device.

So why not real estate?

iRealty Arkansas is a modern real estate agency located in Benton, specializing in residential properties within Saline County and across the state. It serves all central Arkansas markets with offices in Sherword, Little Rock, Sheridan, and Hot Springs. 

Their user-friendly website acts as a central hub, allowing effortless browsing of listings of interest. From Benton to Bryant and all communities in between, their reach is extensive, catering to the varied preferences of potential buyers and sellers.

“Most people get up in the morning and read the newspaper or scroll through social media. I get up and scroll through the MLS (Multiple Listing Service),” said iRealty Principal Broker Denise Hipskind. “This is a fantastic market, and I’m really privileged to be selling here.”

Denise began her real estate career in 2004 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, after earning her Marketing degree from Grand Valley State University. “During my senior year of college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So, I took a real estate license course with my best friend.”

She earned her real estate license in 2004 and bought her own house in downtown Grand Rapids, renting to her brother and her best friend.

“About 18 months later, I started dating my husband who was living in Arkansas. He suggested I moved down to Benton, so I did,” she said.

After a brief bout of what Denise calls “positive culture shock” upon moving to Saline County in 2006, she quickly began working her way through the ranks of the area’s top realtors. 

“I’m really lucky,” she said. “I’ve been doing this for almost twenty years and really think I’ve seen it all. I went through stated income when you could buy a house without a job. Then, we had the crash of 2008, followed by a very stagnant four to five years within the market.”

Ready for a leadership role, Denise joined the newly formed iRealty Arkansas in May 2013.

“The company was located in Little Rock at that time. Upon my coming, I said I wanted a Benton office and that I was going to get my broker’s license to manage the location.”

Since then, Denise’s and iRealty’s numbers have been impressive, to say the least.

“We’re up to 187 total agents, with 32 at my Benton office,” she said. “Our company sold $287 million in property last year and has consistently been one of the top independent brokerages in the state for the past five years. 

“In addition to managing the agents and growing the business, I’m also selling consistently $20 million a year in property for the past five years myself.”

iRealty Arkansas’s modern take on the realty industry caters to a largely digital clientele. Below is a breakdown of what the agency offers:

• User-Friendly Website: Online platform makes  browsing listings easy and effective. 

• Tech-Driven Approach: Leverage online marketing to ensure maximum exposure for your property through professional photos and detailed descriptions highlighting the property’s unique selling points. 

• Personalized Service: A team of experienced agents available by phone and online chat to provide guidance throughout the buying or selling process.

• Data-Driven Approach: Provides sellers with market reports and comparative analyses to determine competitive pricing, ensuring a smooth and efficient selling process.

Denise contends another critical advantage to iRealty’s success rests in one of real estate’s most tried and true mantras: Location. Location. Location.

“We are so incredibly lucky to be where we are in Saline County. The community is fantastic. The people are amazing, and this area just keeps growing,” she said. “We’ve been on top list after top list among the top places for first-time homebuyers, most affordable housing, and best communities to call home.”

That attractiveness led to an influx of homebuyers moving to the region during the previous three years. And it’s given Denise and the iRealty Arkansas team countless opportunities to shine for their clients.

“Almost every realtor would tell you they’re as much a therapist as they are a real estate agent. We’re in a real problem-solving business, so being a sound decision-maker is critical to being a great agent.

“If we remain consistent on what we’re offering our customers, deliver on our commitments, and pay attention to their needs, I believe we’ll remain very successful in this business.”

iRealty is focused on keeping their agents happy and equipped with everything they need to do their job well, allowing their agents to pass that down the line to their clients. It’s that commitment to innovation and client satisfaction that could make iRealty Arkansas the right agency for you and your buying or selling needs.