Do What You Love

“Do what you love and love what you do.” Dione Jessup lives by this motto in her professional life. A real estate agent with Century 21 Parker & Scoggins Reality, Dione Jessup is also the owner of Lulus Boutique in Benton. 

Her love of “retail therapy” is what led Dione to start Lulus. The boutique started small in 2014, focusing on shoes, and in November of last year, the store opened its first official location in Benton. Throughout the early years, Lulus set up shop in various locations in and around town. 

Dione opened the storefront in November 2020 without hesitation, despite retail challenges because of the pandemic. “I knew what my dream was, and I was determined to make that dream become reality,” she says. “I knew the world, especially the retail world was going to be forever changed, but I was ready to hop on board and ride it out.”

Even with the popularity of online shopping, Dione says she feels there’s a need for shoppers to “see it” and “feel it.” “There is something special about the conversations that we have with our customers, something you can’t get online.” 

What sets Lulus apart from other shops is its variety of clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories for women of all ages. “We have customers in their young teens all the way up to one of my favorites, an 86-year-old grandmother who shops for her daughters and granddaughters but always finds something she needs, too. 

“As you enter Lulus, you will always be greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. As you shop, you will find that our staff is very helpful and always anxious to help you put the perfect outfit together or find a wonderful gift for a special occasion. We love our customers and love helping each one.”

Dione has called Saline County home since 2000. She has raised her children here and watched many changes take place over the past 21 years. “My husband and I love living here and I don’t see us leaving the area anytime soon.”

Dione and Alan Jessup blended their families 11 years ago, creating a family of six. Alan is the chief lending officer for Bank OZK. When they married in 2010, they had four children ranging in ages 7 to 14. “We always said that one day we will look back and laugh, and we certainly do,” Dione says. “We have always lived by the saying, ’90 percent of being a parent is just showing up.’ We vowed never to miss a thing involving our children, and we did it.”

Dione says she always wanted a big family and feels blessed to have been given that family. “The joy of seeing our children grow into mature, responsible, Jesus-loving, hard-working young adults has been so rewarding for us.” She notes that Lulus would certainly not exist without the help and support from the entire family crew. 

Fostering family and community shines through everything Dione does, and for her it’s about giving back to the community that has done so much for her. From all the support she received years ago as a single mom to the village that showed up for her, she is committed to giving back, whether through making people’s home or fashion dreams come true.