Let The Good Times Roll

If the holiday season means you and your family will soon be rolling over the river and through the woods, then tricking out your four-wheel drive sleigh could be a great “self-gift” this year. 

If that idea seems right up your alley, then there’s no better place to start transforming your ride than Arch Street Wheel & Tire.

“We have more than fifty types of wheels and tires, more than anyone in the state, guaranteed,” said owner Brett Carter. “We also have tons of car audio and video options, just about anything our customers could ask for.”

Carter’s family started their business about twenty-five years ago, specializing in pawnshop inventory and car audio equipment. A few years later, they noticed a growing popularity among car and truck tires and wheels and expanded their business.

“We started by selling used tires and wheels, and by 2011, grew our inventory and have never looked back,” he said. “Now, we do lift kits, lowering kits, bumpers, winches and step rails, all of that stuff related to off-road. We also do alignments for our customers, so when we do a lift or a lower, we’ll make sure to align everything as it should be.”

And don’t be mistaken. Customizing cars isn’t only a young person’s game. Carter said Arch Street’s customer base ranges from teenagers to forty-somethings, each with their own vision for how they want their vehicle to look. “It’s all about what they want, and how special they want (their vehicle) to look.

“That’s really the fun for me,” he added. “Going back to when I was a kid and wanting to lift my 1996 Chevy Tahoe, this is always so exciting and interesting, seeing what we come up with to make all of our customers happy no matter their age.”

Carter said his proudest customization was just a few years ago, as he prepped his own Toyota 4-Runner for the 2018 Sema Auto Show in Las Vegas.

“That’s the first one that comes to mind,” he said. “We decked it out with a lot of features, and it really meant more because it was my personal vehicle. We built upon several ideas, put them into the truck, and put it all on display at the show in Vegas.”

Ideas will likely vary and may not be as extravagant as others, but Carter says his crew is always ready to work within customers’ guidelines to get them exactly what they want.

“We want to get as much information as possible in the beginning to get things off to a good start,” he said. “We’ll take a look at the vehicle and pick the customer’s brain and get a better sense of what they want. The back-and-forth about all of it, the big and little things, always end up being the best part.”

And with the holidays right around the corner, Carter says Arch Street is a great place when thinking about those perfect gifts for loved ones. “This is a great idea for families coming in to order their son (or daughter) wheels or tires for Christmas. We also do gift cards for the holidays that will go toward anything in the store.”

For more information on Arch Street Wheel & Tire, visit them at www.archstreetwheelandtire.com or give them a call at 501.888.2500.