A Century of Community Care

Smith Caldwell Drug store is an independently-owned and -operated pharmacy and gift store dating back to the early 1900’s—making it one of the oldest in the state. Nestled in the heart of Saline County in downtown Benton, for many locals the store is a household name. With an accessible location, reputation for stellar customer attention, and a wide variety of services, it is no surprise to learn about the lengths to which the company goes to take care of its community. It is open seven days a week to take care of customers.

Holly Hodges, manager of Smith Caldwell, shares some of the secrets to Smith Caldwell’s success. When asked what she thinks sets Smith Caldwell apart from other pharmacies in central Arkansas, she replies, “Smith Caldwell is the oldest independent drugstore in Arkansas. We strive daily to give the best and most personal service that we can. We employ over 45 local employees who treat you and your family like ours.” 

With deep roots in Saline County, Smith Caldwell knows a thing or two about taking care of the community—even going as far as making free deliveries. “We enjoy serving the many generations of local families, as well as new residents to the area. Delivery is a very enjoyable part of the business, as you may be the only face that patient sees that day.” Chad Tarver, one of the senior pharmacists, takes pride in customer service and is happy to assist with any worries or questions.

Smith Caldwell offers a variety of convenient services in one location that includes a large pharmacy, a brand-new sterile compounding laboratory, a large selection of sundry items, a full line of disability equipment, a comprehensive selection of diabetic and pulmonary supplies, and more. It also offers free delivery for prescriptions as well as convenient drive-thru service—more important now than ever before, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trent Hollensworth is Smith Caldwell’s compounding pharmacist. He compounds because commercially-produced medications may not be the best option for everyone every time. Compounding pharmacies can customize prescriptions to better suit customer needs, such as calibrating the dosage, removing a non-essential ingredient (which could cause an allergic reaction), changing the medication’s flavor, and altering the prescription form, i.e., changing a pill to a liquid. A compounding pharmacy like Smith Caldwell can make life and access to certain medications much easier. 

Compounding is so important for people who are not able to swallow pills. Specialty medications, for both animals and humans, can be turned into a liquid, removing barriers in taking medications that some people face. Trent says, “We also do sterile and non-sterile compounding for hormone replacement therapy and erectile dysfunction. This topic is hard to discuss, but definitely is a life changer for those who have this issue.” 

Keeping the store balanced with both necessary prescriptions and health aids, the front end of Smith Caldwell includes a boutique and gift shop for all your favorite items, including a wide selection of gifts, clothing, home fragrances, décor, jewelry, and bath and body products. Additionally, it offers full bridal, baby and other gift registries such as anniversary, housewarming and birthday, with a specialist on staff to help customize a list to fit your specific needs and wants as you approach these exciting new stages. And the gift store would not be complete without cards, gift-wrappings, books, and the latest and hottest holiday selections, all of which are part of the Smith Caldwell gift shop. 

Smith Caldwell’s mission is to offer specialized, personal care while providing the best possible prescription health care available to their patients. The company strives to deliver a unique experience through exemplary customer service for the Saline County community and beyond. With the community’s health and access to quality offerings in mind, the company chose to make vaccinations easy for Saline County residents over the last year. Christina Kelley, Pharmacist in charge of Smith Caldwell’s COVID-19 immunization efforts shares, “Several clinics were set up to mass immunize for flu and COVID-19, for those who choose to do so.”

With the New Year upon us, Smith Caldwell’s pharmacists shared their number one most important piece of advice to give readers to ensure the best and most healthy year ahead. “We recommend that everyone take regular precautions to prevent flu and COVID-19, such as washing hands, observing social distancing, keeping a healthy weight, masking if needed, and wiping down shopping cart and gas pump handles. In addition, take your vitamins, eat healthy, work out when possible, and make routine visits to your physician to make sure everything is in line with your age and lifestyle.”

Smith Caldwell is proud to offer many services to meet the ever-changing needs of the Saline County community. With an accessible location, extended hours, free prescription delivery, compounding services and gift shop, they can meet almost any need. Smith Caldwell is more than just your local community pharmacy. Their strength in location, reputation, and service far exceed those of the “normal” drug store.