Best in the Biz 2016 – Doctor

Best in the Business 2016 – David Weed


Pediatrics | Central Arkansas Pediatrics Clinic

At young age, David Weed knew he wanted to be a physician. Standing in his Benton Eastside Junior High School civics class, he remembers creating and presenting a project revolving around his pursuits of a career in medicine.

As a young boy, he spent quite a bit of time as a child receiving care at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Ultimately, his stay resulted in surgery during his 7th grade year. Those early years of exposure to a medical setting, surrounded by quality pediatric care at the hospital and his hometown, gave Dr. Weed the motivation he needed to achieve his goal.

Graduating from Hendrix College with a degree in biology, he set his sights on completing medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. He returned to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, spending his residency learning more about pediatric sub-specialties and found a love for general pediatrics.

Receiving accolades from other publication reader polls like Arkansas Times, Arkansas Democrat Gazette and the Saline County Courier, he credits the support of a great team and serving generations of families that keep his work so rewarding.

“It is special for me to be a doctor in Saline County where I received my medical care from great doctors such as Dr. Ted Hood, Dr, Brian Sudderth and Dr, Marvin Kirk,” says Dr. Weed.

With a staff of seven pediatricians and four pediatric nurse practitioners, Dr. Weed understands the importance of surrounding yourself with a dedicated team. “I’m flattered to receive the ‘Best Physician’ distinction” says Dr. Weed. “I think this recognition reflects how hard our clinic works to take care of our patients and the dedication of our staff and nurses. Everyone from our receptionists to the nurses and the staff work really hard to make this clinic great for everyone.”

Dr. Weed is grateful for his nurse is Brandy Garner who has worked with him for the past seven years at the clinic.

“The appeal of working in my hometown and seeing my friends and family at the clinic is a great situation,” says Dr. Weed. “One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing our patients growing from babies to teens and into adults. It’s fun to know them their whole lives.”

When he’s not working, you can find Dr. Weed enjoying one of the many beautiful parks that make up the natural state. He enjoys a round golf and catching a football or baseball game. A fan of the Oakland Raiders and the New York Yankees, Dr. Weed calls his love of sports “borderline obsessive.”  Inspired in elementary school by the New York Yankees, Dr. Weed played baseball well into high school and continues to follow all things New York Yankees.

This past June, Dr. Weed married his wife Tracy, who he met while at Hendrix College nearly 25 years ago. Together they live in Little Rock with their two pups, a German Shepherd named Ginger and a Boston Terrier named Judy. “It’s been a really happy year,” says Dr. Weed.

He and his wife Tracy love to spend their time traveling and enjoyed a trip to Savannah, Brunswick and Jekyll Island Georgia earlier this summer on their honeymoon. Together, they couple their love of travel and music and have seen musical acts like Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Weezer, and Dwight Yoakum this year. Dr. Weed also enjoys playing guitar.

As a Saline County native, Dr. Weed loves learning more the history of the county. Of particular interest to Dr. Weed is Niloak pottery, originating from Benton, Arkansas.  The pottery dates back to the early 20th century and is famous for its counter-clockwise “mission swirl” found throughout the various collections.

While Dr. Weed and his team have helped to improve the health of children in Saline County, he knows there is more work to be done. “Children’s health is getting better than it has been,” says Dr. Weed.  “However, we hope to improve our vaccination rates and ensure more children receive their wellness visits.”

A dream realized, Dr. Weed has now served generations of families from the Saline County area for nearly two decades at the Central Arkansas Pediatric Clinic. The Clinic’s slogan reads: “Meeting children’s healthcare needs is more than a profession, it’s a higher calling.” This is a phrase that Dr. Weed and his team take to heart.

Best in the Business 2016 – Scott Walsh


Orthopedic Surgery | Arkansas Bone & Joint

During a career orientation class in the seventh grade, Scott Walsh discovered his calling. The Glen Rose student decided being a doctor was in his future. After completing his degree at Ouachita Baptist University, he attended UAMS for both medical school and orthopedic residency training. In 2007, he joined Arkansas Bone & Joint (then Saline Orthopedic Group) and became a partner in 2009. The same year he became board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Walsh helps patients with injuries or ailments of the musculoskeletal system, including muscle, ligament, or nerve problems. He helps athletes with sports injuries, and older patients who may have accumulated “wear and tear” on their bodies. Orthopedic surgery drew him in because of the opportunities to help people of all ages and the reward of seeing those patients recover from an injury or condition and return to life.

He is a member of the Arkansas Medical Society and the American Medical Association. He was named by AY Magazine as one of the Best Healthcare Professionals in Orthopedic Surgery in Arkansas for 2016. He recently completed a four-year term as chief of surgery at Saline Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Walsh is also involved in sports medicine, joint replacement, and broken bone repair, but doesn’t consider himself to specialize in any certain aspect of orthopedics, working to help all kinds of orthopedic issues, excluding spinal conditions.

He currently serves on the Saline Memorial Health Foundation Board, the Saline Memorial Hospital Advisory Board, the Bryant School Board, and the Saline County Razorback Club Board of Directors. He has been married to his wife Hilary for 16 years. They have 3 children – Hayden, Lochlan, and Barrett.

By Carolyn Buckner

Best in the Business 2016 – Stacy Pinter


Obstetrics & Gynecology | Central Arkansas Women’s Group

Few people get the privilege of experiencing a life-changing moment on an almost daily basis, but that’s exactly how Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Stacy Pinter describes her job. “When it’s time for delivery, I feel really excited because I know I’m about to be a part of this family’s life that will change them forever. When the baby is born, I always think ‘what an incredible miracle from God.’”

Dr. Pinter realized her passion for the medical field at an early age. “As a child, I loved watching medical shows on television like Marcus Welby, MD, Medical Center and MASH. Since women were never portrayed as doctors, I wanted to be an Air Force nurse.” Following high school, however, Dr. Pinter’s plans took an unexpected detour that would lead her down a path full of dreams and determination. “I married and had my first child at 19, my second child at 21, and unfortunately, found myself divorced with two young children at the age of 26. That’s when I decided, ‘it’s now or never.’”

After two years at Arkansas Tech University as a chemistry major, Dr. Pinter decided to follow her dream of becoming a doctor and was accepted to UAMS Medical School.

In 1999, following residency training in Kentucky, Dr. Pinter moved back to Saline County, and began practicing with Drs. Frank Thibault, Tony Council, and David Caldwell where she provides comprehensive healthcare for women of all ages. Dr. Pinter is also an active Fellow in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and has served as an officer for the Arkansas Section in various roles, attending legislative workshops on Women’s Health, in Washington D.C., which included lobbying with U.S. Congressmen.

Dr. Pinter and her husband Steve have six grown children, ranging in age from 20 to 40, and four grandchildren. “We love traveling and spending time with family. Our goal is to gradually work less and play and travel more!”

By Brent Davis

Best In The Biz 2016 – Bronze


Dr. Clay Brashears, MD | Internal Medicine, Main Street Medical Clinic

Dr. Lewis Porter, MD | General Surgery,  Saline Surgical Associates