Jared Voth – 15 in 2015

// Owner, Koffee with a Kause // 10 years in Saline County

When you have a chance to combine an entrepreneurial mind with an inspirational spirit, you can see some amazing things.

Jared Voth, owner of Koffee with a Kause in Bryant, is an example of such a combination. He opened the coffee kiosk two months ago in the Bryant Plaza parking lot with a mission that goes beyond just providing your typical caffeine fix.

“Sure we can do all of the same drinks as Starbucks, but we use local roasters and make specialty drinks you can’t get anywhere else,” he said.

There’s something else offered at Koffee with a Kause you might not immediately know – a charitable heart.

“Ten percent of every drink we sell goes to a non-profit we choose for one month,” Voth said. “Right now, we’re supporting ‘The Call in Saline County.’ They focus on finding, teaching and educating people to be foster parents and adoptive families.”

The inspiration for Voth’s venture comes from his own life experience, fostered through his family’s faith.

“Everything we do is to bring glory to God,” he said. “We have a motto that says, ‘In everything we say and do, we’re either point people to Christ or away from Him.’”

Voth moved from North Dakota to the South in 2000, where he earned a business degree from Dallas Baptist University. He spent time working in the financial sector and as a financial pastor at a church.

“That’s where my ministry started, I think,” he said.

Voth and his family moved to Bryant where he took a position working with the Union Rescue Mission in North Little Rock. With the Mission, he learned the importance of garnering support and resources to keep the non-profit’s doors open and serving others.

“I started thinking of another direction a non-profit could go to focus on helping the abused, homeless and addicted instead of struggling to finding the money to help,” he said.

Using a model that had been passed on from a friend, Voth launched Koffee for a Kause. It was a way, he said, to serve others while fulfilling his desire as a small business owner.

“Every time I’d considered (opening a coffee shop) in the past, I never thought about giving a percentage to anyone. It was just to open a business,” he said. “Once I made it about more than me and my family, the ball started rolling and doors began opening.”

In a short time, Koffee for a Kause has grown in popularity. “We’ve had over 800 likes on Facebook and have a loyal base of customers and new ones show up everyday.”

Voth says he’s considering expanding the business to additional locations in the future and hopes to one day open a “brick and mortar” cafe in Saline County.

He insists the mission of continually serving others, though, will not change. “It’s an incredible way to allow us to help raise awareness for those we’re supporting.”