Volume 16 Issue 3

When people refer to their 20/20 vision, it’s often a point of pride: “Of course I can read that sign—I have 20/20 vision.” It’s the same for me! Being the only person in my immediate family to not require glasses, contacts, or some corrective surgery, I’ve always bragged about my “perfect vision.” And it only becomes more important as I get older. Having recently turned 40 years old on May 6th, I struggle to find too much to brag about. I mean, I don’t have any hair left on my head, but I sure do still have good vision!

In the end,20/20 vision is the ability to see an object clearly from 20 feet away. So, 20/20 vision is actually “normal,” not “perfect” vision. But ’even if you do somehow have perfect vision, it won’t help if you don’t keep an eye on where you are going!

I remember turning 16 and getting my first car like it was yesterday.
(I remember my thick head of hair, too—bleached the most obnoxious blonde color). This black 1992 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition sported.  tan leather interior, a sunroof, tinted windows, and a newly installed CD player. It might not have been a new car, but it was MY car. At that time, we lived only about a quarter mile from the high school, so the chances for error in my limited driving distance were slim to none—or so I thought.

One day, within the first few months of driving myself to school, I made my usual left turn onto the main road in front of the high school and inadvertently took my eyes off the road for a split second. That glance lasted just long enough for me to cause a three-car pileup. It happened in the main line of morning traffic for all my classmates and peers to see. Talk about bringing me “crashing” back down to earth! I barely had enough money scraped together to purchase the car, much less pay to have it fixed. 

I couldn’t clearly see it in that moment, but this early age accident ended up pointing me down the career path of paid art projects. Not only paying for my car repairs, but also leading me into my future in design. With this current edition, Saline County Lifestyles celebrates its own 16th birthday! I might not be receiving (and wrecking) my first car all over again, but the gifts of community love and support I have received over the last 15 years of publishing this magazine have made this an equally humbling milestone! I don’t need my 20/20 vision to see how blessed I have been. Our attention at SCL is fixed on the road ahead as we hope to continue enriching your life for many more great years to come. Your town. Your life. Your magazine.

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