Salt Bowl 2023 Bryant

While preparing this issue dedicated to rivalry and competition, I found myself considering one of the great debates: which season reigns supreme? This is not such an easy question to decide. For one thing, Mother Nature has a lot on her to-do list each year, so the seasons seem to come and go in a flash. And here in Arkansas, her mood seems to change by the hour, from cold and windy one moment, to hot and humid the next. But the question remains, what season is the best?

Though her short-term actions can seem somewhat bipolar at times, Mother Nature apparently isn’t the only one feeling conflicted. We’ve come to expect four distinct seasons, but while each of us usually has a personal favorite, it turns out that America doesn’t have a clear pick for number one! 

In a variety of voter polls, spring is king. I can’t say argue with them, either. Spring does show off its natural beauty with colorful blooms and much-needed added daylight. But other statistics show people prefer autumn’s changing leaves to spring’s budding beauties. Although summertime is known for being hot, it wasn’t the hottest pick, coming in a distant third on the list. And we easily see that winter is not a winner. Although most people’s favorite holiday is Christmas, nearly half of Americans say they would get rid of winter altogether if they could. 

But for this issue, what’s the season we need to know? Well, fall is just around the corner, and despite the fact that summer keeps bringing the heat, chances are you’re already dreaming about cooler temperatures, comfy sweaters, and—most importantly—football! If no one season can walk away the winner, why don’t we add a fifth option to make a favorite clearer? 

Hot or cold, dry or wet, football season is the best one yet. Add in the gridiron grudge matchup between the Bryant Hornets and the Benton Panthers, and the choice is clear: the best of the year, “Salt Season,” is here! Your town. Your life. Your magazine.


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