Nutrition Loft – 1 Year

A healthier, happier you. That’s what you’ll experience at the new Nutrition Loft. Driven by the dream of owning her own dance and yoga studio, Lyndsey Taylor discovered the available space in the heart of downtown Benton and immediately saw its potential. She designed the boutique herself, and the dream took form.

The Nutrition Loft is home to a PiYo studio and bar, serving nutritional Herbal Life teas and shakes that taste like your favorite desserts. It’s your one-stop shop to a better, healthier you.

“When I saw the space for the first time, I had this vision of what I wanted it to be,” said Lyndsey. “I studied at the Art institute of California-Hollywood for fashion merchandising. I painted the bar and decorated the inside with my style.” The Nutrition Loft is the perfect place to wow your Instagram followers.

Lyndsey has a natural talent and passion for dance, but was not born and raised dancing in a classroom. She didn’t begin taking dance and cheer classes until junior high school. Dance classes were an expense her family couldn’t afford. It wasn’t until she was older that she was able to participate in cheer clinics.

“My mom worked as hard as she could so that I could be on the dance team,” said Lyndsey. In her freshman year of high school, after a lot of hard work, she made the team and served as one of the team captains. “Dancing is a part of my core. I have three daughters and they love to dance with me around the living room.”

During her time in California, Lyndsey fell in love with PiYo, a BeachBody workout that combines Pilates and yoga. After returning home, she knew she wanted to teach PiYo in her hometown. She took an intensive, 12-hour dance-based course and became a certified instructor.

With her sights set on the future, Lyndsey plans to offer additional workout classes including hip-hop dance and Krav Maga.

According to Lyndsey, camaraderie has been the highlight of opening The Nutrition Loft. “The friendships have been the best part,” said Lyndsey. “Six of my best friends are in the class. One has lost their daughter, another has lost their mother. We use that one hour of PiYo class to support each other.”

After a class, you can enjoy a refreshing shake or herbal tea made fresh at the bar. “I’m a picky eater,” says Lyndsey. “I stopped eating fast food because I didn’t know what I was really eating. The Herbal Life shakes taste like dessert, and you get 24 grams of protein, which is equivalent to a piece of chicken or an avocado. The Herbal Life shakes are my only way to start the day.”