Business is Blooming

It’s hard to look at flowers and not marvel in awe at the beauty they hold. Pick a milestone in life, whether it be a celebration of the everyday or a momentous occasion, and you will assuredly find beautiful flowers a part of the setting. 

From a young age, Sarah Beth Prickett had a fascination with flowers. She recalls spending time playing with friends and wandering through her neighborhood gathering beautiful wild bundles to assemble into bouquets—marking the end of the day and adoring the bounty of her childhood quest.

In the sixth grade, Sarah Beth joined the Boys and Girls Club of Saline County, volunteering to keep the club tidy for the kids at the center. When she was sixteen years old, she joined the Boys and Girls Club staff full-time, teaching kids the importance of leadership, education and a healthy lifestyle. Her work at the Boys and Girls Club of Saline County landed her a nomination and role of Youth of the Year in January 2020. She spent the year as a virtual ambassador for the program. 

Diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia in the second grade, Sarah Beth developed a strong work ethic, putting in the hours and initiative it took to receive good grades. Her experience naturally drew her towards helping others, especially kids. 

No stranger to hard work, Sarah Beth held multiple jobs throughout high school. She split her time as model and employee for Lavish Boutique in Hot Springs and serving the kids at the Boys and Girls Club. She knew she wanted to run her own business one day and she began dabbling with flowers once again. At the beginning of 2020, with support from Lavish Boutique owner Denise Davis, Sarah Beth hosted her first pop-up flower shop on the sidewalk in front of the boutique. By the end of the day she had multiple orders, and she hasn’t stopped since. 

Sarah Beth spent her senior year running her small business from her home. Using the money she saved from her two jobs, she started Oh Hey Bouquet. Thanks to word of mouth and her social media following, floral orders and special requests have continued to blossom. At nineteen years old, Sarah Beth runs her flower shop in the heart of downtown Benton located at 207 West South street—less than a mile from her childhood neighborhood that inspired her love of flowers. 

“I want this to be my career,” said Sarah Beth. “Denise Davis has been a wonderful mentor for me—she knows I’m a hard worker and she knew I could do this.” She credits her success to her family and friends for helping her small business take off. Her friend Shannon White and Mrs. Lisa taught her arrangement techniques. And who could forget her mom LeeAnne, who doubles as a delivery gal and cleans up after her at home and the shop? She added, “I’m here, authentically, and I want to be around people who want to help and support.” 

Oh Hey Bouquet offers gifts, party supplies, home goods and of course handcrafted bouquets. This holiday season decoration services for porches, mantles and staircases are available, adding holiday cheer to your home. Year-round, Oh Hey Bouquet offers a bi-weekly subscription with a fresh arrangement delivered to your home in the Benton, Bryant and Haskell area. Look for holiday offerings and order information on Instagram @ohhey_bouquet or call (501) 317-1841.