Volume 11 Issue 3

Sequoia trees are nature’s skyscrapers and are among some of the biggest trees in the world.  The largest known living single stem tree on Earth is a sequoia tree called the General Sherman.  It measures 275 feet tall, 36 feet in diameter at its base, and is approximately 2,500 years old.

One would think that something that enormous would have a staggering root system supporting it from underground in order to stand that tall.  But surprisingly, that is not the case.  Sequoia trees have relatively shallow roots compared to their mammoth size. Even at full maturity the deepest root is only 12 to 14 feet deep.   How can something weighing up to 1,000,000 pounds, reaching over 35 stories tall, and living for multiple centuries remain upright without having deep roots?

The strength of the sequoia tree comes from the fact that its root system is intertwined with the roots of other sequoia trees. They grow extremely close together while sharing resources and are dependent on each other for strength.  The root system beneath the surface of these humongous trees can be compared to an army of men with their arms interlocked, supporting one another.

As Saline County Lifestyles celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary, our success has come in a similar way to that of the sequoia tree.  We benefit from the intertwined and interconnected support of our community and it has held us up, allowing us to grow year after year.  We have been blessed to serve over 375 unique advertisers during the past decade and we have shared countless articles about Saline County residents and businesses that have had a great impact on our community.

Knowing that Saline County Lifestyles is only as strong as those who support us along the way, I am personally both honored and humbled to be a part of this amazing group effort. Our roots are firmly interwoven in our community and we look forward to reaching great heights together.  Your town.  Your life.  Your magazine.

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