Lighting The Way

Like the New Year, spring seems to be a popular time to make new resolutions and commit to change to our lives. You may find yourself re-evaluating those resolutions you made at the start of the year. People commonly seek to improve physical and lifestyle choices. Home design is also a good place to look for change. One of the best ways to start such design is with the interior, and specifically lighting. A new fixture or positioning of lighting can prove an affordable way to make a big difference in your home with little trouble.

GW Lighting in Benton is a one-stop shop when it comes to lighting design for your home. Led by Wade Keeter, the business—formerly known as Lewis Lighting—has been operating as GW Lighting for four years. Keeter, who’s called Saline County home for 45 years, brings 15 years of experience to the table. 

“Our number one goal is to perform the necessary planning, consultation and discussion in the development of your lighting and hardware needs,” Keeter says. Through the years, the business has evolved from a more functional service to fulfilling “very custom” decorative lighting needs.

What sets GW Lighting apart from their counterparts in the industry is their knowledge and desire to assist clients, Keeter says. “We have a strong desire to help clients make decisions to meet their needs. Our goal is satisfaction for our client.” Their service goes beyond Saline County. “We serve most of Arkansas with great delivery options,” Keeter says.

Just like any décor trend, lighting trends come and go, Keeter notes. Lighting trends for kitchens in 2018, for example, brought hanging pendants in muted tones. This year brushed bronze fixtures and clean lines have gained popularity, he says. Clear or seeded glass and open cages are also on trend this year.

To spruce up for spring, consider adding new glass to bath lights or dining chandeliers. New penchants are always easy to change as well, Keeter says.

For those with a tight budget, Keeter says a classic but trendy style to go with is the oiled rubbed bronze and brushed nickel colors. “They may come and go, but they always seem to come back.”

For the bolder customer, lighting trends to look for and mimic (according to an HGTV article) revolve around aesthetics and technology—for instance, lanterns that perform their essential duty but also come equipped with speakers to play your favorite tunes. To cater to millennials, trends are leaning toward a more sculptured appearance. 

LED lighting is also worth a look, according to HGTV. “Lighting companies are exploring the potential of LED lighting for interiors. Specifically, they are examining the biological effects of the qualities of light and its ability to affect our overall well-being. By making it possible to control not only the light’s brightness, but also how warm or cool the light appears, recent innovations can create a lighting experience perfectly suited for the mood or occasion, with just the turn of a dial.”

Design experts at Apartment Therapy share other illuminating lighting trends. More fun looks for the year include landscape or linear lighting. This arrangement spans the width of the room as opposed to the traditional vertical drop. White and colored marble bases for table and floor lamps add a touch of classic with modern. 

Gold and silver hues seem to wend into and out of popularity. Silver has been the metal of choice, from jewelry to hardware, but gold has come back around. Gold is especially coming on strong in the world of lighting. 

Wicker and woven grasses are in style for many different décor items, lights included. These textures have moved on from beach homes and are making their way into everyday living, adding a casual, Bohemian touch.

According to Apartment Therapy, sculptured shapes move beyond the millennial demographic. Lighting can be so decorative that it becomes a work of art. A sculptured lighting piece is an easy way to make a statement in a room without making a spectacle. 

Indirect lighting can also prove just as effective as that statement chandelier. Shining light from under the counter or behind a mirror, or up-lighting a wall, for example, can create the perfect ambiance.

With all of these trends in mind, Keeter and his team at GW Lighting are ready to meet your needs and light up your world.