Best in the Biz 2017 – Financial Planner Runner-up

Best in the Biz 2017 - Financial Planner Runner-up - Brent Jones

Retirement is the reward of working for a living. It’s what we all look forward to, right? Brent Jones of Edward Jones Financial is a Financial Advisor that assists clients in reaching their long term financial goals. He’s ready to help, “whether it’s saving for retirement, college education for their children or grandchildren, saving for that lake house they’ve always dreamed of or shoring up their financial picture with needed life or long term care insurance,” Brent said.

When asked how he got into the profession, Brent stated that he found himself re-allocating his co-worker’s 401K funds as a sort of hobby.  “One day, as I was visiting an Edward Jones financial advisor about becoming a possible client, she told me I didn’t need to be a client, I needed to become part of their team,” Brent said.

Brent has been with Edward Jones since 2008, a time that most would consider a financial Great Depression.  “During that time, a lot of people I encountered were frightened and unhappy, and many were looking for a fresh face and a new start.  Those that I met back then are still clients today, and we have very close relationships,” Brent said.

Throughout the past nine years, Brent has received many internal awards for excellence in his field, and in Saline County, Edwards Jones was recently named the Readers’ Choice Award – Best in Business 2017 by the Saline Courier.  “I was caught off guard by that one, but I am grateful beyond words to be thought of in that way by our clients.  We are so very thankful for each and every one of them.”

Although his office does not specialize in any particular area of financial planning, most of their business is derived from retirement planning for individuals and small businesses in and around the Saline County area. “I believe our strong desire to do the right thing for our clients sets us apart.  We’ve become very close to our clients over the years, and many of them have family-like relationships with us,” Brent concluded.