Volume 12 Issue 2

As the first tree came tumbling down on January 11, 2018, Crystal and I broke ground on our new home. Not even the most extensive Pinterest planning could have prepared us for what was ahead!  After eleven months, and what felt like hundreds of major decisions, we finally settled into our brand new house. We moved just in time to put a bare Christmas tree in the corner of our unfurnished living room.

This wasn’t my first rodeo.  I had a house built ten years ago, so I was overconfident that this one would go as smoothly as the last.  Of course on the first build, I was a single, 25-year old, so I only had to please myself when making decisions and style selections.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all the stress of our recent homebuilding experience was the result of marital disagreements.  But I can tell you, when you have two people trying to make decisions about everything from paint colors to outlet covers, you’re bound to have a few hiccups along the way.  I will preface that by saying I have to give my wife some major kudos!  She worked tirelessly and held true to her guns, creating a finished project that we feel blessed to call home.

One time-consuming challenge we faced during construction was doing our homework on the current trends. The problem is that trends change – and often!  So unless you’re able to completely redo your home and furniture every five years, it’s just about impossible to keep up.  Style isn’t eternal. Sometimes no matter how much money and time you invest in decorating your house, your décor can quickly become dated, and the look you once loved seems to fall short.

We made it our mission to try to be both stylish and timeless.  We wanted our home to be trendy and beautiful 20 years from now, long after the current fashions have made their way to the thrift stores. We also wanted to create an environment that could easily grow and change along with us.  I imagine that our house will look drastically different in five or ten years.  Heck, knowing my wife, our home might look completely different five months from now!

That is were the theme of this edition of Saline County Lifestyles was conceived.  As home styles continue to evolve, we are lucky to have some great local businesses to help us keep up with these ever-changing trends.  I believe that style is truly individual; so whatever your choice, it’s right for you!  Your town. Your life. Your magazine.

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