Salt Bowl XX – Bryant

For over a decade the arrival of the Saline County Lifestyles Salt Bowl Edition has signaled the beginning of the heavily anticipated count down to a new football season.  You might have your favorite NFL team or be the state’s biggest Razorback fan, but nothing compares to the excitement of our hometown high school football match-up.  Saline County bragging rights are at stake when two of the state’s best teams, the Bryant Hornets and Benton Panthers battle it out in one of the biggest rivalries in all of Arkansas sports.

Two of my favorite things are sports and entertainment.  So when Hollywood decides to merge the two together, there is nothing better.  You can find a Top 10 movie lists just about anywhere.  But in honor of our 12th Annual Salt Bowl Edition, I decided to put together “Josh Elrod’s Top 12 Football Movies” of all time:   

12.  Any Given Sunday

11.  The Water Boy

10.  Jerry Maguire

9.  Express

8.  Varsity Blues

7.  Radio

6.  We Are Marshall

5.  Invincible

4.  Friday Night Lights

3.  The Blind Side

2.  Remember the Titans

1.  Rudy

As you can tell from my list, I might not be a professional movie critic.  With all due respect to older movies such as Brain’s Song, Paper Lion and the original Longest Yard, I had to stick with what I know.  What makes all these movies great (with the exception of The Water Boy) is not just all the hard-hitting action; more so, it is the inspirational and encouraging story lines that go along with each film.

That is also what I love about the Salt Bowl.  Even though the game has its fair share of touchdowns and hard tackles, there is a deeper meaning to the game than just highlights.  It is a time when the county comes together and shows their support for their hometown team.  The teams might be rivals, but at the end of the game, we are still one community that proudly supports our own!  Your town.  Your life.  Your magazine.

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