Reindeer Games


[tps_header]The reindeer, all eight (or nine) of them, serve as the Big Claus’s magical engine as he delivers toys to all of the good little boys and girls on Christmas Eve. They parade around the globe with jolly St. Nick in tow, making every stop with remarkable timeliness and return to the North Pole in a flash, not to be heard from again for 364 days.

Here is a breakdown of Santa’s earth-friendly engines by name and personality. We’ll also take a sneak peak into what they do while not helping deliver toys around the globe, and we’ll throw in a few gift ideas if someone in your life might have some of the same personality traits.[/tps_header]

Dasher His name is self-explanatory. He is swift and fleet of hoof. Often seen as St. Nick’s quickest and most agile reindeer, it’s only obvious that he’d be in the lead. He’s like the pace car for his fellow and hooved cohorts.

While not on the lead of Santa’s sleigh, Dasher works out with Usain Bolt in Jamaica. Turns out, he adapts to the hot, humid conditions of the island country easily. He sheds his winter weight while working out with the world’s fastest man.

Gift Idea: The lighter, thinner and faster, iPad Air or iPad Mini.

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