Volume 8 Issue 5

A few days ago I had lunch with my wife and brother-in-law at a local Chinese buffet. At the end of our meal the waitress dropped off three fortune cookies. I cracked open my cookie and the fortune inside read: “Most success springs from an obstacle or failure.” Inevitably everybody encounters disappointment or failure at one time or another. But some of the most successful people are those who followed their dream, took a risk, initially failed, only to overcome adversity and go on to achieve great accomplishments.

When you think of Disney, Apple, Hershey’s, or even the New York Yankees, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is massive success and endless riches. But that is far from the case. Walt Disney, possibly the biggest entertainment mogul of all time, was once fired from a newspaper because he was told that he lacked creativity. Steve Jobs was originally fired from Apple Computers, the very company that he later led to change the consumer electronics industry. Milton Hershey started three failed candy-related ventures before persevering and establishing one of the most well-known candy brands in the business. Before making the Yankees one of the most profitable teams in Major League Baseball, George Steinbrenner’s first professional sports franchise went bankrupt.

Failure does not always precede success. However, the few people I mentioned above are a handful of extremely successful entrepreneurs that are perfect examples of why you should never stop following your dream. We appreciate these famous entrepreneurs for helping to bring progress to the world. Because of their willingness to pursue their vision, we are able to do many of the things we enjoy today.

An entrepreneur doesn’t have to be recognized worldwide to make an impact! They are simply people who identify a need—any need—and fill it. Saline County is filled with individuals that have turned their passion into businesses. That is why in this edition of Saline County Lifestyles, we are highlighting a few local entrepreneurs who are having a positive impact on our county, our state, and even beyond. We also have articles that will help empower and motivate those who aspire to follow their dream and move forward down the path of entrepreneurship. Your town. Your life. Your magazine.

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