Feel The Difference

During the past 18 months of COVID-19, the idea of physically distancing ourselves from one another without the thought of a hug, a handshake, or even a peck on the cheek has become commonplace. 

Kristi Sims, owner of The Skin Bar & Med Spa in Saline County, has noticed the continuing “hands off” approach and admits it’s a bit disappointing. “With continued social distancing and masking, it just seems like we’re getting further and further apart. The human touch is a necessity for people and we want to be able to help pamper and relieve stress,” she says.

And when things return to normal, Kristi knows how important it will be for all of us to feel comfortable and relaxed while also having skin that’s perfectly smooth to the touch.

For over one hundred years, people have flocked to Arkansas to enjoy our world-renowned spas, but are you aware that Saline County has its own award-winning spa? The Skin Bar & Med Spa offers the best and latest skin care technology and has been making a difference in people’s lives for almost a decade.

The story behind The Skin Bar is one of perseverance and passion. As a teen, Kristi experienced a series of skin issues that left her feeling insecure and awkward. “I began having skin issues around the age of 12. I was very self-conscious about my skin and became frustrated. My parents spent a lot of money on different treatments, but I rarely saw lasting effects. As I got older, my drive to help others resulted in my going to esthetician school.”

As time passed and Kristi learned more about treating her own skin, she began exploring ways she could pass along the knowledge to others with similar challenges.

Determined to make others feel good about themselves, Kristi has made it her mission to provide help to people of all ages by providing a wide range of services from custom facials, personalized massage, laser treatments (including “The Skin Pen”), even the option of private sauna sessions.

The Moment You Walk In

“It’s such a chaotic, stress-filled time we are living,” she said. “We want to create an atmosphere of comfort, peace and relaxation. That’s our focus from the minute people walk in.” And she does!

Kristi is quick to thank her loyal clients and talented staff for the expansion to two locations. With locations in Benton and Bryant, Kristi’s story of building The Skin Bar & Med Spa into Saline County’s finest personal care business is one of opportunity, perseverance, and as she says, divine intervention.

“This is definitely a ‘God thing.’ To be able to open up a second business during a pandemic and enjoy a partnership with ‘The Drip Doctors’ is a gift from Him.”

“I always wanted my place of business to be somewhere that was calm and peaceful, a place where people could come in and immediately relax,” she added. Her humble gratitude and “be the change” philosophy have been winning perspectives for Kristi and The Skin Bar & Med Spa, as with each passing year, the need for more space and additional help grew.

Today, you can visit The Skin Bar & Med Spa at one of its two locations in Bryant and Benton. Clients can choose from a host of options, including skin care, facials, chemical peels, waxing, and tattoo removal.

“Our Bryant location has more of that expected med spa feel. That’s where you’ll have more of a treatment experience,” Kristi said. “Our Benton location is in a beautiful older home and offers a comfortable atmosphere that’s geared more toward the relaxing day spa experience.” Meanwhile, both locations can be booked for private parties.

Kristi admits the path to The Skin Bar & Med Spa’s success wasn’t one she’d ever imagined, and even though the business has experienced considerable growth since opening, she says her original motivation hasn’t changed at all.

“Simply put, we want everyone who comes in, regardless of background or status, to feel unique and special during their time with us. Developing relationships is our goal,” she said. “You hear people in business say this all the time, and I genuinely believe it: I’ve made some lasting relationships, thanks to what we do. It may seem cliché, but a lot of the clients we serve have become our personal friends.”

Because COVID-19 has changed many things with how businesses operate, safety and feeling safe is also important to the staff. “All of our staff wear masks for protection, our equipment gets sanitized and our rooms are wiped down after every visit. It’s so important that people feel at ease while here.”

For more information on The Skin Bar & Med Spa, with locations in Benton and Bryant, call 501.303.6000 or visit www.theskinbarmedspa.com.