Full Out Barre

Boutique fitness is all a buzz in the fitness world these days. People on a quest to start a healthier lifestyle or those looking for something different are pulling away from the big-box gyms in favor of the smaller facility that feels more personal. It’s sort of like getting personal training but in a small group setting and without the extra costs.

Full Out Barre tends to these needs and more. Established in Little Rock in 2018, the Bryant location just opened in August. Its website calls Full Out Barre a challenging and super fun variable intensity program that combines the best of high intensity training and barre for the individuals ready for a “killer barre workout that knocks it up a notch from what you have experienced in barre before.”

Full Out Barre instructors are trained in ballet and fitness knowledge to help protect participants’ bodies in challenging ballet positions. All classes are built and structured to reduce lagging, wasted time in class, providing quick transitions and mixing smaller muscle group work thoughtfully between interval work.

A unique aspect of this place of fitness is the support it gives to the local arts. “We do this by renting space from local studio owners to help support their mission of bringing the art of dance to their community,” says Ashley Trover, owner of Full Out Barre in Bryant. 

The Bryant studio is located at 22095 I-30 Front Road inside the Arkansas Dance Center. The Little Rock studio is located inside Shuffles and Ballet II. 

The main mission at Full Out Barre is “to help people live full out,” Ashley says. “We are more than just a gym, and we are about more than just exercise. We focus on community and building women up and helping them see the amazing, strong incredible women they are inside and out and encouraging them to live their full out best, while delivering (in my opinion) the most high-end, efficient and effective workout around.”

Full Out Barre is for anybody and everybody, Ashley assures. Whatever your current level of athleticism, you’ll always fit in with the Full Out Barre tribe, she says. “Every single exercise we do has several options so there is an option for the fitness novice to an option for the most experienced athlete. Our instructors are trained to work with each client to find what works best for them.” 

Ashley discovered Full Out Barre three years ago. “It was the most intense and fulfilling exercise class I had ever taken,” she says. “I loved the community built into the class, founded by the amazing Catherine Thorpe, and I loved the efficient full-body workout that I got in one class.

“In an hour-long class, Full Out Barre will give exercisers strength training, muscle toning, high calorie burn, and fun and uplifting music,” says Ashley, a runner and former cheerleader. After having children and becoming a stay-at-home mom, Ashley’s outlet was going to the gym to get an hour of self-care. Full Out Barre fulfilled (and still fulfills) her mind, body and soul needs. She tried barre at another gym but felt like she still needed to do extra exercise to reach her maximum effort. 

“I did not love the barre classes I had tried before Full Out Barre. I enjoyed the muscle-burning movements but missed the cardio I enjoyed in my other classes. Then I found Catherine Thorpe and her creation of Full Out Barre, where she combined the muscle burning ballet-inspired barre exercises with high intensity intervals. Problem solved.” 

Full Out Barre in Bryant is open seven days a week, offering different class times based on the day. Childcare is available to those who can’t leave their child at home. It is advised to book your class in advance to secure a spot for your child in childcare. Pricing varies at Full Out Barre. Prospective new clients can enjoy their first week free for an unlimited number of classes. Monthly specials are going on as well and different class formats are available. Details are explained on the website at fulloutbarre.com. The Fundamentals class introduces you to Full Out Barre’s methods and the science behind those methods.

Free classes will be held at the Outlets of Little Rock at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 19, and 6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 3. Follow the studio on Instagram and Facebook (@fulloutbarre) to keep up with news.

The most challenging part about trying Full Out Barre for the first time might be walking through the door, Ashley says. “If you are nervous, we will meet you in the parking lot and walk you in. Once you’re there, we’ve got you. Our office staff and instructors are friendly, kind and knowledgeable, and we want you to have a full-out amazing experience every time you walk through our doors. We try to meet you where you are, each day.