Secured In Style

Many businesses and homes have them, but like a lot of fixtures we have come to know through familiarity over the centuries, fences may be taken for granted. Yet their use is worth noting and celebrating, both for safety and aesthetics. Fence Brokers, Inc. has been providing those things and more for nearly 40 years. From backyard fence projects to high-security fabrication, Fence Brokers boasts a wide range of products to suit all fencing applications. 

Charles Walker opened Fence Brokers in 1982, his son Chris explains. His goal was simple: to make a living to support his family. “He was determined to make it work, and from there, our different products and sales line grew, which made us the statewide provider we are today.”

Located in Bryant near the Saline-Pulaski county line, the business is next to the Bryant Animal Control & Adoption Center. They are currently working on becoming a master distributor in the state, which would catapult them into a regional distributor, Chris says. 

Chris started working for his dad and the company when he was just 14 years old. “I was making $2.50 an hour, and I had plans to move on after high school,” he says. After high school he pursued an education at the University of Arkansas with goals of becoming a coach and teacher. Those plans didn’t pan out when he graduated in 1991, so he returned to Fence Brokers and has been there ever since.

Looking back at his younger years, Chris says he’s thankful for the knowledge he obtained from his hardworking dad. “At the time, I thought, ‘I don’t want to do this when I grow up,’ but now I’m grateful for the lessons in work ethic I learned. I learned how to work, and that if you work hard, most of the time things work out.”

It’s a family affair. Chris now instills that work ethic he learned into his stepson, who’s 17 and works there in the summer. Chris also has an 8-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter. Additionally, his brother-in-law Michael Hogue works at Fence Brokers.

People can get a fence anywhere, Chris says, but what sets Fence Brokers apart from the rest are its people. “We sell ourselves, make that phone call and go the extra mile. We have some really good experienced people—from our outside workers to the inside employees dealing with the customers.”

Fence Brokers serves many types of residential and commercial needs. “We sell to everyone, from landscapers and farm stores to municipalities and alarm companies,” he says. They sell all types of fencing, even custom dog kennels and gates. Fence Brokers is a one-stop shop for residential or commercial contractors. They tout themselves for offering the highest quality manufactured goods on the market, with an inventory consisting of chain link (galvanized and vinyl coated), ornamental (steel and aluminum), round and square tubing, vinyl (privacy and ranch rail) access control for residential or commercial, and wood in pine and cedar.

“The best thing we’re able to provide is a quick turnaround,” he says. “We are able to get everything out in two days or 48 hours, whereas other places might take a week.”

With spring on the horizon, sprucing up our homes with indoor and outdoor changes might come to mind. Fencing is no exception. Some current trends in the fencing world continue to be ornamental fencing, Chris says. “When factories started mass producing ornamental iron, the prices came down, so more people could afford it—and it continues to grow and become popular.” PVC (polyvinyl chloride) fences continue to grow in popularity as well, especially now that they are available in different colors other than white and brown. Their low price point is also attractive to buyers, Chris says.

To stay on the cutting edge, Chris and crew attend the FENCETECH exposition annually. It’s a learning opportunity with hundreds of vendors and industry leaders. Put on by the American Fence Association, the event takes place in Indianapolis in 2019. “We go each year to look for new ideas,” Chris says. Like new fashions you see on the runway at Fashion Week each year, sometimes the new ideas shown at Fencetech aren’t the most economical; but they are inspiring, and some stick, like different colors of a chain-link fence. 

Changing your home’s fence has the same effect of making any upgrade to your home, Chris says. “If you put up the right one or a non-maintenance one, it’s the same thing as adding to your home; it’s an investment to your home.” 

Whether you need a privacy fence or are looking to update your current fence, Fence Brokers likely can fulfill your needs. They say it best on their website: “No job is too big or too small. Whether you’re landscaping your backyard or you need to update security on your business property, we can help.”