Triple Threat

Triple Threat

Forced to sit on the sidelines during their high school football days might have been the best thing for Tyler Davis, Will Richey and Caleb Conrad. Each Benton High School student faced different injuries. Tyler had a bum knee, Caleb a broken thumb and Will was sitting out due to a pituitary tumor. Instead of wishing for different circumstances, they found a new common denominator: music. They established the strong friendship bond that unites them today as 21 year-olds and has them known as Triple Threat.

With their “America’s Got Talent” audition video that went viral and their spot on the reality TV series, the men are gaining an ever-growing fan base. The three “threats” in this fun trio consist of pure and tight harmonies mixed with individual vocal talent and the ability to construct entertaining arrangements. As they perform covers of popular songs with their unique stylistic twist, they create a sense of familiarity for listeners while also giving them a new experience.

The men’s musical roots go back to childhood. Will started singing when he was 5, and Caleb and Tyler sang in church together in elementary and middle school. “Music and singing have always been a part of my life,” Caleb says. “I knew all of the words to ‘Daddy Frank’ by Merle Haggard at about the time I was learning to talk.” Singing runs in Tyler’s family. “I’ve been singing pretty much my entire life. I was in church choir at a very young age and performed in talent shows at school from kindergarten on up,” he says.

Tyler and Will are recent Ouachita Baptist University graduates and Caleb is a University of Arkansas at Fayetteville student. Sports–the commonality that initially brought them together–still plays an integral part to their friendship and music-making. “I’d say sports was essential to the creation of our group,” notes Tyler. “Once we realized that we had a really nice blend together, we started singing a lot more instead of just watching games.” He notes, “I remember one Saturday we were at my house watching the Arkansas/Auburn game back in 2010 –way before we had even done anything as a group. In the middle of the game, we break out into an a cappella rendition of ‘Stand by Me’ and I remember thinking, ‘We sound pretty good together.’”

While the trio still gets together to watch sports, music has become top priority, not only to pursue their dreams, but also to spread joy. “Making people happy inspires us to keep singing,” Caleb says. “We love to sing and make music that brings joy to the people watching us. Making people smile with our music makes us want to keep pursuing our passion.” Tyler adds, “There’s no greater feeling than singing for someone and seeing their face light up.”

They have certainly spread their musical joy around since airing on America’s Got Talent. The group’s “friendager” (friend/manager), Tyler Rosenthal, submitted a video to the show without telling the guys. “One day, he texts us and says he heard back from the show and the rest is pretty much history,” Tyler says. “I never imagined we’d ever get an opportunity like this, so I’m trying to take it all in and enjoy every second.”

Traveling to New York to audition for the celebrity judges was the biggest test to their singing, Caleb notes. “Getting a standing ovation from the audience and celebrity judges in New York City was incredibly surreal and something I will always look back on and be thankful.”

So what’s it like on set? All four judges were more than friendly, Caleb says, even when the cameras are off. “Heidi Klum kindly checked on Tyler’s knee because of his crutch, and Mel B and Howie Mandel are super complimentary and inquisitive about our lives outside of music. Howard Stern is intimidating and tall, but even he came up to us after our audition and congratulated us.”

What’s next for the group? “We’re going to chase our dream on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and we hope to turn music into our career,” says Caleb.