Jeremiah Bowling – 16 in 2016

16 in 2016 – Jeremiah Bowling

Student Athlete, Benton High School
4-Year Saline County Resident

Jeremiah Bowling is a senior at Benton High School who will graduate this spring with some outstanding accomplishments. He is an all-state football player with the Panthers. He’s no slouch academically; he received a perfect score on the ACT and is a national merit semifinalist. Jeremiah is quick to defer the credit for his accolades.

He credits his family, school leadership and most importantly, his relationship with God as the source of all success. “Any and all talent that I have comes from the grace of God. My personal relationship with God is the number one thing in my life, and is what has brought me to where I am today. It’s more important than anything else I have going on.”

Jeremiah has applied to four universities, plans to major in biomedical engineering, and then continue on to medical school and one day become a trauma surgeon. “At least that’s the plan as of right now. I reserve the right to change my mind,” he laughingly shares.

Family is also extremely important to Jeremiah. He describes it as a “major force in my life. My parents and grandparents have invested in me and have brought so much to me,” he states. In his spare time, Jeremiah loves to spend time with his family and friends, and also enjoys working out.

His father is a United States government employee, which has allowed Jeremiah and his family to live in multiple states during his childhood. “I have lived in Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arkansas, and have moved eight times. Adaptability and moving around is something I’m used to and experiencing change is the norm for me. I’ve come to expect it.”

Jeremiah shares that Saline County has had a tremendous impact on his life. When asked what sets Benton apart from all the other places he’s lived, he’s quick to respond with “The people in Saline County are so friendly, nice and welcoming. Benton is the epitome of Southern hospitality.”

As for Benton High School, Jeremiah is quick to add, “Lita Gattis, the head principal and Coach Neathery have been a huge influence on me. They have both been extremely encouraging. They have done a tremendous job preparing us with the expected things such as studying, but what they’ve excelled at is character building. They’ve taught us to accept responsibility, be a man and how to be a responsible citizen. I’m so grateful for all that I’ve learned from them and from living in this community. Benton is a really great place to live.”