Best in the Biz 2017 – Pharmacist Runner Up

Best in the Biz 2017 - Pharmacist Runner Up - StanChester

For almost 40 years now, Saline County residents have looked to Stan Chester for advice about this or that medication and trusted him for all their pharmaceutical needs. Stan came to Saline County in 1978 to work with pharmacists Don Hall and Charles Smith at Smith-Caldwell Drugstore. In 1996 Stan and his wife Patti ended up purchasing the over 100-year-old business.

In 2002, Smith-Caldwell moved into a new 10,000 square foot building on North Main Street where skillful pharmacists now specialize in Pharmacy Compounding and Sterile Compounding, preparing very specific, personalized medications for thousands of patients. Five years later, the business experienced further growth. “We added a wonderful partner in 2007. Holly Hodges has younger eyes which bring new ideas. She has been with us since she was in high school, learning the business from the ground up just like we did.”

Stan’s life-long dream of becoming a pharmacist started with his uncle W.J. McKiever, who owned a drugstore in Monticello, Arkansas. After graduating high school in Hamburg, Arkansas, Stan attended UAM for pre-Pharmacy and Northeast Louisiana University Pharmacy School (now known as ULM) to complete his studies.

Although Smith-Caldwell has received many awards including two-time recipient in the Honor Roll of Outstanding Pharmacies in Drug Topics (a national Pharmacy publication), Stan says it’s not what makes the difference.

“I have to say the most important awards and accolades walk in the door every day! We appreciate every customer that walks in our door.” In addition to his loyal customers, Stan values his employees’ service and dedication. “We have 60 employees who count on our business ethics and positive encouragement, management, and fairness. They are the heartbeat of our business. We have employees that have worked for us many years, and they are the ‘customer service’ that grows our business and our community.”

Smith-Caldwell offers Saline County a wide array of unique services and amenities including delivery, baby and bridal registries, a coffee shop and boutique.