Best in the Biz 2017 – Hair Stylist Runner-up

Best in the Biz 2017 - Hair Stylist Runner-up - Sarah Cox

Men’s haircuts out of a pink house seem like quite the oxymoron. However, Sarah Cox, of Stellar Male Salon makes it happen! Her salon, the pink house located off of Reynold’s road in Bryant, has been a part of the community for several years and is a landmark of sorts to longtime residents.

“I think the pink house for sure makes us stand out and you can just say ‘come to the pink house,’ and most people from Saline County know right where you are talking about! It’s been in Bryant as long as most people remember,” Sarah said.

Sarah’s career began in 2010 at Sports Clips. After five years, with the help of her family, she opted to embark on a self-employment journey and open her own salon Stellar Male Salon in 2015. “It was a huge leap of faith, but thanks to all my loyal clients it has been the best decision,” Sarah said.

Sarah specializes in men’s haircuts, beard grooming, washing, and styling. “Right when I got out of high school I knew I wanted to go into the cosmetology field. As soon as I began school, I knew I wanted only to cut men’s hair! My instructors pointed me in that direction. I am so thankful to get to meet new people regularly. Every day is full of new ideas and cuts for different men’s haircuts,” Sarah said.

With the hair trends continually changing and evolving, Sarah continues to educate herself on the most recent trends. Sarah’s favorite part of her job is the relationships that she makes with her clients. “I love getting to hear and learn about my client’s families and experiences. They become friends, and that’s the biggest blessing in my field. I try and make each one feel like they are the most important person when they are in my chair, and I hope their hair reflects that,” Sarah said.

“I plan to grow as a stylist and salon and keep my clients old and new coming back year after year to have a great haircut and experience! We love our clients and hope that it shows by the pride we take in making all our clients look their best,” Sarah concluded.