Exceptional Physical Therapy – 5 Years

You hope you never need it, but when it comes to recovering after an injury, you want to know you have the best care available in your own backyard. For five years, Exceptional Physical Therapy has provided care to thousands of Arkansans in Saline County and the surrounding area.

Exceptional Physical Therapy was formed by Carrie Johnson, PT, MPT; Dr. Marla Murphy PT, DPT, CLT; and clinic director Judith Reginelli, BSW, in May of 2013. The team at Exceptional Physical Therapy specializes in traditional orthopedics and treatment for neurological conditions, as well as a host of additional services such as health and wellness coaching, breast cancer rehabilitation, certified lymphedema therapy and treating balance and dizziness disorders.

In 2016, Exceptional Physical Therapy expanded their clinic by adding an additional 1,000 square feet to the building. They also broadened their scope of services to offer fitness assessments, yoga classes, and health and wellness consultations.

With the new breadth of services and increased patient volume came the need for additional staff. Today, Exceptional Physical Therapy employs two physical therapists, three technicians and a clinic manager. “We had a desire to offer more than a typical physical therapy experience,” said Dr. Murphy. “We wanted to offer patients the best, beyond a baseline status.”

Exceptional Physical Therapy is committed to the health of the community. This mission fuels the staff to provide the highest quality of care. “One of the features unique to Exceptional Physical Therapy is a railing system that has been installed in the ceiling,” said Dr. Murphy. “It features a safety vest harnessed to the rail, allowing patients with balance and dizziness disorders to challenge their balance without the fear of falling. We utilize this system with patients learning to walk again after suffering from stroke, or walking with a new prosthesis.”

Throughout the last five years, the staff have created fond memories and established lasting friendships with their clients.

“One of our favorite memories is of an elderly gentleman who came to physical therapy after recently losing his wife to cancer,” said Dr. Murphy. “He was not in the best of spirits at first, but Nikki worked with him to improve his balance and coordination in the harness system. After a few minutes, he asked Nikki to dance, and started dancing a slow waltz. He said he danced the waltz with his wife all throughout their marriage. After lots of laughs, smiles and quite a few tears, he improved his balance by dancing. Moments like these are what make Exceptional Physical Therapy different. We provide one-on-one attention to our patients.”