Volume 13 Issue 5

There is no shortage of prominent TV series out there to watch. Being a diehard “Game of Thrones,” Breaking Bad,” or “Modern Family” fan is fairly normal and commonly accepted across the board these days. Shows like these are critically acclaimed and well respected. They’re cool! But let’s be honest, not every show we tune into behind closed doors would be considered so typical or “hip” to the common viewer. We all have guilty pleasure TV shows that we indulge in every so often. (And by “every so often,” I actually mean we binge watch them!) And that’s okay! Not every show has to be award-winning television. There is plenty of room for programs that help us escape from the stresses of everyday life, kind of like candy for the brain.

I’ll admit that I also fall victim to watching certain television that most of you probably wouldn’t consider your normal go-to programming. I personally love watching the Food Network. More specifically, I can’t get enough of the goofy goateed, frosty-tipped chef Guy Fieri. One of his more popular series, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (nicknamed Triple D), is one of my favorite shows. The series follows Guy around the country as he takes road trips to visit small, independent eateries connected by a common thread of distinct style, unique menu options or gourmet culinary approaches.

Over the years, Triple D has featured more than 800 restaurants. After being featured on Food Network, these chosen roadside diners or out-of-the-way “dives” often see a dramatic increase in customers. Due to the show’s popularity, long-term positive effects are incredibly visible, with larger crowds and substantial growth in sales.

By no means am I comparing myself to Guy Fieri, or Saline County Lifestyles to the Food Network. If we’re being real, Guy has way more hair than I do—and Food Network is a national cable television channel, not a local magazine. But I can say we do share some obvious points of comparison: we both love good food, and we want nothing more than to help local businesses and eateries thrive. With this being our 75th issue published, I hope we have gained enough street cred to produce the same positive influx for several of our own hometown food favorites.

There are many exceptional locally-owned-and-operated restaurants in Saline County.  Each has its own distinctive qualities that make it special. We are honored to have the opportunity to feature seven of these great spots to grub, as we do our best Triple D impression with our third installment of Saline Cuisine. Your town. Your life. Your magazine.

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