Volume 12 Issue 6

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. This is the title of a popular Christmas song that we all know and love, and the words could not be truer.  One thing that makes the holiday season such a wonderful and memorable time is all the traditions that we have created throughout the years.  Whether it is decorations, parties, dinners, gifts or games, we all have things that make this season special.

One Christmas tradition that most of us partake in is decorating our homes.  Some people take this to the extreme, covering every inch of their house with hundreds of thousands of lights.  Creating a Christmas display that would even impress the late Jennings Osborne.  Others might take a more simplistic approach by simply hanging a well-placed wreath.

Almost a decade ago, my best friend and his wife decided they wanted to step up their holiday spirit and spruce up their home by hanging some icicle lights.  Due to a steep roof and the lack of a ladder, they called and recruited me for a helping hand.  After some trial and error and some brief brainstorming, we finally came up with a fail proof plan.  We didn’t take the more logical approach of borrowing a ladder; instead we decided to use some simple physics and a water hose.  That’s right, we both tied one end of the hose around our waists.  With him on one side of the house, supporting my weight, I shimmied down the other side of the roofline and hung each strand with masterful precision.

Looking back, that probably was not the brightest decision and by no means has it become a holiday tradition!  But nevertheless, it was one Christmas experience that I will always remember.  And that is what the holidays are all about – making memories with your friends and family.

Saline County Lifestyles has been privileged to be a part of your holiday season for the last 12 years.  Sharing our Christmas edition with you has become a holiday tradition that we look forward to each year.  So let me be the first to wish you a Happy Holiday!  Your town.  Your life.  Your magazine.

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