Family Friendly With A Touch Of Luxury

Everett Infiniti

Everett INFINITI of Central Arkansas combines the Everett’s family-friendly business philosophy with a luxurious touch. The well-known car family took over the INFINITI dealership, formerly located in Little Rock, about four years ago and moved it to Saline County – the first of its kind in the area.

Located right across Interstate 30 from their flagship dealership – Everett Buick GMC – this store opened in November. The dealership has grown from 2 acres to 8 and the square footage has increased substantially, explains Executive Manager Josh Owen.

Susie Everett, co-owner, says this dealership gives customers easier access and is more centrally located. “We were needing to expand and there was no room to grow at the old location,” she says. “We have to keep serving our customers at top-notch quality, and growth is part of that. We had to find the ideal location to do that.”

Walking into the INFINITI dealership is a relaxing experience, complete with a coffee and healthy snack bar, ambient lighting and décor, and even a playroom for kids.

Whether in the market for an INFINITI QX80 or a Q50, Everett INFINITI touts it has the perfect fit. “From before the sale to long after, we guarantee quality customer service,” as stated on the website.

A common myth about luxury lines, such as INFINITI (the luxury line of Nissan), is that only a few can afford them. Owen urges anyone to give them a chance. “No. 1 is we are customer-friendly. Come give us a chance. Even though these are luxury vehicles, they are affordable. They start in the low- to mid-30s, are safe and family-friendly.”

New and used INFINITI models are available, with different payment options. The car loan and INFINITI lease options available throughout the year are worth the look. Once in the vehicle of your choosing, the car service and maintenance department is there to keep the vehicle running smoothly. And if needed, a loaner car is given when your vehicle has to stay in the shop.

“We pride ourselves in offering an intimate setting that allows us to give one-on-one attention to our customers,” Owen says.

Those who buy or lease a car from INFINITI shouldn’t be surprised if they receive follow-up calls, and calls to check on the vehicle after oil changes or other maintenance visits.

A unique aspect of this dealership is the delivery specialist. “After you get your car, Teresa takes as much time as needed to go over how everything works in your new vehicle,” Everett says, noting the high-tech nature of vehicles (thus, confusing to some) these days.

Everett INFINITI not only serves customers in the central Arkansas region, but also people from all over the state, surrounding states and even as far away as New York, Wisconsin and Oregon, Owen points out.

“Because of our reputation and transparent pricing, we attract people from all over,” Owen says.

The plan to move Everett INFINITI to Saline County had been in the works for about a year and a half, Owen says. “It’s exciting to be here and to offer this area a different aspect in the car industry.”

Everett says it’s nice having the different dealerships across the interstate from each other. “We can easily recommend people to go to either dealership to meet their needs,” she notes.

Another perk of moving the dealership to Saline County the increase in job opportunities. Everett INFINITI employs about 50 people, and the entire Everett group employs around 700.

Owen didn’t plan on entering the car business upon graduating from college into the real world. Out of college, he began a marketing career with a resort company, then moved to Florida, but after the events surrounding 9/11, home life was calling, and he and his wife settled in Arkansas.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else now,” he says. “It’s different every day. Our employees are a fantastic, good mix of people, and the customers we meet all come from different background and places. It’s never boring.”

Every day, the Everett culture encourages all employees to be on board “to treat people like you would want to be treated, and with integrity,” Everett says. “A culture of respect always comes back to you.”

Owen adds, “I tell employees all the time that if we put our decision-making around customers first, it always seems to come out right.”