Health Update: Be Good To Yourself

Health Update Volume 9 Issue 1

The beginning of the New Year brings forth hope, aspirations, change, and sometimes resolutions that fall by the wayside before spring. One resolution that you can make this year and easily keep is this: Be good to yourself. As the season known for giving has come to an end now is the time to reflect upon the various ways you can be good to yourself.

This year is the year to finally have that colonoscopy!

Somehow this always tops my yearly list of things to get done. The importance of this simple procedure for colorectal cancer screening and prevention is becoming better known and recognized. I invite you to come in and visit with me to learn more about the advances of this procedure now versus several years ago and to also dispel any negative myths that may be holding you back from having this performed for you.

Portion control is the key.

Diets are difficult for most to maintain because they require drastic changes in your lifestyle and behavior. Because of this, I have a difficult time advocating any particular diet. What I do feel everyone can do is cut back on the portions of each meal that you intake. The goal with eating should be proper caloric intake to help your body maintain its many functions, not simply to get full.

Take your vitamins.

This is such a simple way to get necessary nutrients for your body. A simple multivitamin taken two to three times a week can help you supplement nutrients that your body is missing due to various reasons (i.e. a bad diet). There are numerous options to choose from and I would recommend taking one that will fulfill your personal needs or requirements.

Make time for yourself.

Stress does so many negative things to your health and body. Balancing work, home, school and other activities doesn’t seem to leave a lot of time left in the day for this. Find the time (at least 5-10 minutes) each day to pray, meditate, or just mentally unplug for a moment. Listen to a song that energizes you. Read a few pages from a book. For all that you do for others every day find a way to claim that peace. I was told during my early training, “you are no good to others if you aren’t good to yourself.”

Exercise is very good for you.

Whether you join a gym or buy the next new thing from an infomercial the important thing is to be active. Find a way to stretch or just take the stairs while at work. Get a gym membership. Go walking in your neighborhood. Contact a personal trainer and discuss customizing a workout regimen for you according to your time and means. Regardless of what you do, start off slow and consult a physician to make sure you are healthy enough for your planned activity.

You deserve a cheat day.

When you have become successful at the portion control as described above, you’ll find yourself eating less high sugar or high fat/calorie content foods. After an extended period of time, your body or taste buds may begin to have cravings. Here is where the cheat day comes into play. Pick one day a week that you will allow yourself to be less strict on what you eat and not feel guilty. Don’t be shocked if over time you find yourself having fewer of these.

Doesn’t that sound easy? After implementing these suggestions for a period of time, the benefits of weight loss or maintenance, increased energy, decreased blood pressure, improved blood sugar control, tobacco cessation, or improved state of mind are well within your grasp.

None of the things listed above require a significant financial investment. Some or all of these suggestions can be incorporated into your current daily schedule without difficulty. Being healthy is a state of mind and body that requires a small commitment to be good to yourself.