How to Manage Movie Moments

“I think you have a problem,” my daughter said to me one early night last November as I bounced from the bedroom to the den, alternating between wrapping gifts and watching a holiday movie I’d seen at least twice before. “A problem?” I said distractedly, adjusting the bright gold bow I’d just placed atop a festively wrapped gift. “Yes,” she replied, half-joking and half-genuinely concerned. “All these Christmas movies! You’re obsessed!  You might have a problem.” 

I paused to consider her words. Watching Christmas movies is a problem? Okay, I watch a lot during the holidays, but what’s wrong with that? I like them. I rattled this reasoning to her and went back to wrapping and watching. While I don’t think I am holiday movie obsessed, I couldn’t help but wonder why I really do like these movies so much. 

Of course I love the positive messages that are so often found; I do also love the holiday classics that show us the calamity of the holiday season. And, while one hopes no one actually has to endure these disasters, they sure are fun to watch! 

Ever wonder whether if one of those movie debacles ever happened in real life, insurance would cover it?

Remember when Uncle Lewis lit his cigar a little too close to the Grizzwold’s Christmas tree in Christmas Vacation and it caught on fire? Fortunately, they were able to keep this fire under control, but what if this had happened in real life? Well, homeowner’s insurance will pay for damages or destruction by fire and other disasters listed on your policy for your structure.  

The personal property coverage portion of your home insurance would cover any gifts or household items. Your homeowner’s insurance could also cover additional living expenses from living away from your home if necessary because you are unable to live in your home due to fire.  

One of my very favorite holiday movies of all time is Home Alone. Little Kevin McCallister was my childhood hero as I watched him defend his home from burglars after accidentally being left behind. In reality, there likely wouldn’t be traps set up outside to create slippery surfaces for our guests to slip on, but it is certainly realistic to think that someone could slip on an ice-covered sidewalk causing an injury accident on your property. This is where your liability protection of your homeowner’s insurance would cover you. Policies could also include a medical payments provision that can be used for medical expenses of those injured.  

The jokes in this next movie are just as funny for adults as they are for kids. It was a gigantic moment when Tim Allen’s character in The Santa Clause heard, “You put on the suit, you’re the big guy.” But he put on the suit, forever becoming Santa, because the Santa before him fell off the roof. If someone other than a resident of the house falls off the roof, your homeowners insurance could cover it.  

If you hired a professional Christmas light installer, their business should have an insurance policy or worker’s comp policy that will cover the fall and resulting injuries. It would be a good idea to make sure they have such insurance before they start work. But if you fell off your own roof, you would need to take a look at your own health insurance for coverage. Homeowner’s coverage doesn’t cover injuries to members of the household. 

So, in case you’re not holiday movie obsessed like I am, I hope you can agree that insurance policies are important to own. They not only protect you in the event of an unfortunate situation, but they can also provide you peace of mind, so you can focus on what really matters. This fun walk through movie memory lane should serve as a cue that there really can be magic (and danger) in the holiday season.  

Over the next few weeks, let’s get obsessed and watch a couple of these flicks with our family and friends, and thank our lucky stars that we won’t be experiencing a Christmas quite like those film families did. I wish you all a very happy holiday season.