• What Are The Odds?

    Thirty teams comprise Major League Baseball. Each franchise is made up of a 25-man roster. That adds up to the best 750 ballplayers in the...

  • American Idol Contestant Spencer Lloyd

    Chris Allen isn’t the only talented Arkansan to make it to the big stage of American Idol. Spencer Lloyd of Bryant, AR recently took that...

  • Making Movies With Daniel Campbell

    Saline County is home to a creative and notable group of up-and-coming stars, all of who deeply love their hometown. Included in this talented set...

  • Song Of Arkansas Finalist Matt Knoble

    The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism’s Song of Arkansas contest began earlier this year. It called for any and all musicians to submit an original...

  • It Just Takes One

    Ethan Harris is busy making a difference in the lives of youth. Did we mention he's just eleven years old?

  • Believing In The Burger

    In the face of corporate struggles, one local business owner had the determination to not only keep his business open and thriving, but he also...

  • Santa’s Helpers

    Three Saline County organizations are working together to love and give to others in our community.

  • A Christmas Miracle

    Many of us may have never experienced one of these wonders, but we’ve sure heard of the remarkable stories. Well, you're about to read another.