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  • Gym & Recreation

    Benton boasts a quality of life that has attributed to its continued growth. The city is working on elevating this quality of life even more...

  • Growing Retail

    Benton and Saline County as a whole are well known for housing growth. With The Shoppes of Benton set to open next year officials are...

  • Gourmet Rivalry

    Saline County’s Bonner Cameron recently brought his gourmet game to Central Arkansas’ most deliciously fun rivalry.

  • Schrader Homes

    Alan Schrader discovered his interest in building things working alongside his carpenter uncle at a young age. Today, he is one of Saline County’s most...

  • Jennifer Lancaster – 16 in 2016

    Jennifer Lancaster's early passion would lay the groundwork for the care she’s providing for dogs in need through the Lancaster Animal Project.

  • Bobby Shell – 16 in 2016

    Bobby Shell is known as someone who goes beyond the call of duty to help the community.

  • Tamra Gore – 16 in 2016

    No matter where you are, there is a never-ending call for help. People like Tamra Gore, a crime survivor herself, bring hope and healing to...

  • The Men Behind The Lights

    Starting after the Labor Day holiday, Christmas decorating becomes a way of life for Dallas Wright and David Pettit, both Saline County equipment operators.

  • On The Rise And Local

    One little Bryant bakery is making a big imprint on the local bread market.

  • Family Values, Business Sense

    A life choice sometimes keeps nudging, and no matter how much the pull is ignored, eventually it’s leading the way.