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  • Ren Hefley Bryant’s Humble Leader

    Ren Hefley began his academic and athletic career outside Saline County, but that has not stopped him from feeling like an automatic insider—in fact, when...

  • Athleisure Apparel

    The old saying “look good, feel good” applies to almost all areas of life, but when it comes to fitness apparel, there is not a...

  • Penny Smith

    “Penny” Mapenzi Joy Smith is a senior at Bryant High School who will graduate with some remarkable achievements.

  • Best in the Biz 2016 – Insurance Agent

    Introducing the best insurance agent in Saline County as chosen by our readers.

  • Benton Offensive Coordinator Justin Ray

    While football has always been a big part of Justin Ray's life, he never dreamed it would be his job. But as you get...

  • Gaining Reach

    In an effort to help ensure future growth and the continuation of high quality healthcare for Saline County and central Arkansas residents, the Board of...

  • Oltmans Development

    Thirteen years ago, Jeremiah Oltmans graduated from UALR with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication and a Minor in Marketing, with a dream to...

  • Jeremiah Bowling – 16 in 2016

    Jeremiah Bowling is a senior at Benton High School who will graduate this spring with some outstanding accomplishments.

  • Dr. Janna Jennings – 16 in 2016

    Dr. Janna Jennings is a Saline county native who was born at Saline Memorial Hospital, graduated Benton High School in 1988, and is now a...

  • Dianne Jester – 16 in 2016

    Dianne Jester is often described as the “Energizer Bunny” as she gives 100 percent of herself to whatever she’s doing wherever she is.